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Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dag  Abt 431Sweden I52314
2 of Sweden Sven  Abt 853Sweden I39207
3 Adilsson, King in Sweden Eystein  Abt 594Sweden I39545
4 Agnasson, Alrek  Abt 445Sweden I39555
5 Algautsdottir, Gauthild  Abt 664Sweden I39528
6 Alreksson, Yngvi  Abt 466Sweden I39554
7 Aunsson, King of Swedes in Uppsula Egil "Vendikraka"  Abt 530Sweden I39550
8 Bjornsson, King at Uppsala Erik  814Sweden I37203
9 Bjornsson, King of Sweden Olof "Mitkg"  855Sweden I37107
10 Bjornsson, King at Uppsala Refil  Abt 794Sweden I38856
11 Coleman, Gustav  Apr 1845Sweden I77638
12 Dagsdottir, Dagreid  449Sweden I39556
13 Dagsson, Agni  Abt 424Sweden I39558
14 Danpsdottir, Drott  Abt 365Sweden I39567
15 Domaldasson, Domar  Abt 361Sweden I39566
16 Domarsson, Dyggvi  Abt 382Sweden I39565
17 Dyggvasson, Dag  Abt 403Sweden I39562
18 Edmundsson, King of Sweden and Goten Erik  Abt 849Sweden I37110
19 Egilsson, King of Sweden Ottar  Abt 551Sweden I39548
20 Eriksson, King of Birka Edmund  Abt 832Sweden I37202
21 Eriksson, King of Sweden Olaf III "Skotkonung"  Abt 960Sweden I39534
22 Eysteinsson, Ingvar "The Tall"  Abt 616Sweden I39541
23 Gautreksson, of Gotland Algaut  Abt 639Sweden I39530
24 Gutreksson, Algaut  Abt 639Sweden I52347
25 Ingvarsson, Braut-Onund  Abt 638Sweden I39529
26 Johnson, Carl O  Abt 1875Sweden I76829
27 Jorundsson, King in Uppsala Aun "The Aged"  Abt 509Sweden I39551
28 Karhuvaara, Hannah  Abt 1875Sweden I68474
29 Lindgren, Nels John  21 May 1879Sweden I68421
30 Mankinen, Vera  Sweden I44126
31 Martinson, Anna  1871Sweden I44880
32 Nelson, Matilda  13 Jan 1850Sweden I77639
33 Olafsson, King of Sweden Anund Jakob  Abt 1008Sweden I52528
34 Olafsson, Prince of Sweden Styrbjorn "The Strong"  903Sweden I37105
35 Olsson, Alma J  Abt 1865Sweden I76965
36 Olsson, Emma  Abt 1864Sweden I76968
37 Olsson, Ida  Abt 1865Sweden I76969
38 Olsson, Oscar  Abt 1862Sweden I76967
39 Onundsson, King of Sweden Ingjald "Evilheart"  Abt 660Sweden I39527
40 Ottarsson, King in Uppsala Adils  Abt 572Sweden I39546
41 Refilsson, King at Uppsala Erik  Abt 814Sweden I39429
42 Rigsson, Danp  Abt 340Sweden I39292
43 Solfasson, of Sweden Halfdan  Abt 660Sweden I52346
44 Svegdasson, Vanlandi  Abt 298Sweden I39570
45 Vanlandasson, Visbur  Abt 319Sweden I39569
46 Visbursson, Domaldi  Abt 340Sweden I39568
47 Waara, William H.  Abt 1877Sweden I68473
48 Yngvasson, King in Uppsala Jorund  Abt 487Sweden I39552


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Princess of Poland Swietoslava  Aft 2 Feb 1014Sweden I37137
2 Eriksson, King of Birka Edmund  873Sweden I37202
3 Hard, Olof Pedersson  1501Sweden I80810
4 Ingjaldsson, King of Vestfold and Jutland Olaf "The Tree-Hewer"  710Sweden I39524
5 Thorgilsson, Earl of Denmark Ulf  22 Sep 1027Sweden I37134


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 /   Abt 211Sweden F14566
2 /   Abt 238Sweden F14567
3 Agnasson / Dagsdottir  Abt 465Sweden F14556
4 Bjornsson / Skoglar-Testedot  Abt 949Sweden F14488
5 Dagsson / Frostasdottir  Abt 444Sweden F14557
6 Domaldasson / Danpsdottir  Abt 381Sweden F14560
7 Edmundsson /   Abt 866Sweden F13669
8 Eriksson /   Abt 981Sweden F14548
9 Eriksson / Svensdatter  Abt 904Sweden F13668
10 Fjolnarsson /   Abt 297Sweden F14564
11 Mieszko /   943Sweden F14477
12 Mieszko / Sophia  Abt 974Sweden F14479
13 Olsson / Andreasdotter  16 Apr 1864Sweden F25911
14 Ottarsson / Helgasdottir  Abt 593Sweden F14554
15 Sigurdsson / Herraudssdatter  Abt 775Sweden F3255
16 Vanlandasson /   Abt 344Sweden F14561