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Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA


Latitude: 37.6456, Longitude: -91.5359


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Leonard, Alberta Elleen   I76717
2 Leonard, Charles Arthur  10 Mar 1877Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72630
3 Leonard, Columbia  19 Nov 1921Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72745
4 Leonard, Dale Azalea   I72744
5 Leonard, James Franklin  4 Apr 1857Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72850
6 Leonard, Lila Corrine   I72567
7 Leonard, Lloyd Leon   I72725
8 Leonard, Lois "Lulu"  18 Jul 1917Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72724
9 Leonard, Lois Irene   I72741
10 Leonard, Thomas A.  26 Feb 1855Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72738
11 Thornton, Ada A  2 Mar 1884Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72823
12 Thornton, Clifford Edwin  22 Mar 1898Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72822
13 Thornton, Earl Veron  3 Apr 1901Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72824
14 Thornton, Joe William  22 Jun 1889Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72749
15 Thornton, Juanita Ester "Wannie"  6 Aug 1895Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72821
16 Thornton, Mabel Claire  19 Jun 1886Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72631
17 Thornton, Roy Lee  2 Aug 1892Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72750
18 Thornton, Willis  Abt 1890Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72806


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Leonard, Abner Hogan  26 Aug 1911Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72846
2 Leonard, Charles Arthur  20 Feb 1930Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72630
3 Leonard, Columbia  19 Nov 1921Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72745
4 Leonard, Lois "Lulu"  15 Aug 1918Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72724
5 Leonard, Thomas A.  10 Aug 1881Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72738
6 Parker, Caroline "Liney" Pendleton  28 Feb 1948Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72748
7 Parker, Pendleton L  29 May 1902Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72804
8 Sutterfield, Martha Jane  21 Oct 1922Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72805
9 Thornton, Clifford Edwin  31 Jan 1916Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72822
10 Thornton, Earl Veron  26 May 1902Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72824
11 Thornton, Joe William  3 Jan 1941Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72749
12 Thornton, Josiah F.  1938Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72802
13 Thornton, Marcus Dudley Layaffett  29 Nov 1938Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72747
14 Thornton, Roy Lee  9 Oct 1920Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72750


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Leonard, Charles Arthur  Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72630
2 Lunyou, Mary Elizabeth  Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I80576
3 Montgomery, Elvie Clinton  Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72636
4 Montgomery, Henry Damascus  4 Jun 1954Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72593
5 Parker, Caroline "Liney" Pendleton  Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72748
6 Thornton, Marcus Dudley Layaffett  Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72747


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Leonard, Alberta Elleen   I76717
2 Leonard, Alberta Elleen   I76717
3 Leonard, Alberta Elleen   I76717
4 Leonard, Alberta Elleen   I76717
5 Leonard, Dale   I72726
6 Leonard, Lila Corrine   I72567
7 Leonard, Lila Corrine   I72567
8 Leonard, Lloyd Leon   I72725
9 Leonard, Lloyd Leon   I72725
10 Leonard, Lois "Lulu"  1930Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72724
11 Montgomery, Eileen Jennette   I76718
12 Montgomery, Gaylord Holms   I72566
13 Montgomery, Hershal Damascus  1935Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72639
14 Montgomery, Hershal Damascus  1940Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72639
15 Parker, Caroline "Liney" Pendleton  1930Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72748
16 Parker, Caroline "Liney" Pendleton  1 Apr 1940Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72748
17 Thornton, Joe William  1930Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72749
18 Thornton, Joe William  1 Apr 1940Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72749
19 Thornton, Mabel Claire  1930Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72631
20 Thornton, Mabel Claire  1 Apr 1940Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72631
21 Thornton, Marcus Dudley Layaffett  1930Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA I72747


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Leonard / Thornton  25 Dec 1910Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA F24482
2 Thornton / Parker  29 Aug 1881Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA F24500