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Nova Scotia, Canada


Latitude: 45.213, Longitude: -63.1917


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anna  Abt 1828Nova Scotia, Canada I76863
2 Archibald, Leonard  Feb 1894Nova Scotia, Canada I80676
3 Archibald, William   I80675
4 Bacon, Maria  Feb 1869Nova Scotia, Canada I78752
5 Bezanson, James  5 Mar 1851Nova Scotia, Canada I78848
6 Bezanson, Rosella  1865Nova Scotia, Canada I78844
7 Bremner, Arthur  Apr 1906Nova Scotia, Canada I78754
8 Bremner, Fredie S  Apr 1859Nova Scotia, Canada I78751
9 Bremner, Josephine  Aug 1900Nova Scotia, Canada I78753
10 Brenton, Anne E  21 Aug 1896Nova Scotia, Canada I78591
11 Brenton, Ariel E  Abt 1885Nova Scotia, Canada I78554
12 Brenton, Celia F  Abt 1883Nova Scotia, Canada I78553
13 Brenton, Jessie MacKedrick  22 Nov 1889Nova Scotia, Canada I78556
14 Brenton, Sade  Aug 1892Nova Scotia, Canada I78593
15 Chandler, Ruby Sohpia  10 Nov 1838Nova Scotia, Canada I78798
16 Chitty, George Lang  Apr 1837Nova Scotia, Canada I78313
17 Colter, Mary Agnes  27 Feb 1837Nova Scotia, Canada I76991
18 Colter, William  Abt 1837Nova Scotia, Canada I78326
19 Cook, Murdock T  Jun 1892Nova Scotia, Canada I78979
20 Currie, Mary Elizabeth  29 Oct 1885Nova Scotia, Canada I80775
21 Currie, Thomas Alexander Gelling  21 Mar 1884Nova Scotia, Canada I80792
22 Dickey, Elisabeth  Abt 1887Nova Scotia, Canada I79013
23 Dickie, Alexena W  10 Dec 1896Nova Scotia, Canada I79016
24 Dickie, Ira  Nov 1905Nova Scotia, Canada I79049
25 Dickie, Ruth Elizabeth   I81910
26 Dykens, Douglas   I78598
27 Etter, Amelia  Abt 1855Nova Scotia, Canada I78517
28 Etter, Bessie  Abt 1879Nova Scotia, Canada I78287
29 Etter, Ennie  Abt 1882Nova Scotia, Canada I78271
30 Etter, Harold E.  Jun 1872Nova Scotia, Canada I76806
31 Etter, Jenie  Abt 1882Nova Scotia, Canada I78289
32 Etter, John William  Abt 1834Nova Scotia, Canada I82774
33 Etter, Maggie  Abt 1881Nova Scotia, Canada I78288
34 Etter, Mary  Abt 1830Nova Scotia, Canada I82810
35 Etter, Sarah  1841Nova Scotia, Canada I78551
36 Etter, Susan  Abt 1877Nova Scotia, Canada I78286
37 Fillmore, Mulvina S  Apr 1850Nova Scotia, Canada I81853
38 Foote, William  Abt 1875Nova Scotia, Canada I78898
39 Geldert, Edward Bolman  29 Mar 1822Nova Scotia, Canada I78653
40 Geldert, Howard  Abt 1867Nova Scotia, Canada I78981
41 Geldert, Leonard Dunbar  8 Jul 1798Nova Scotia, Canada I78474
42 Geldert, Leonard Dunbar Jr  Abt 1843Nova Scotia, Canada I78475
43 Geldert, Sarah  1839Nova Scotia, Canada I78477
44 Greenman, Jane   I78307
45 Greenman, John Clarke   I78301
46 Haley, Clary  Abt 1890Nova Scotia, Canada I79056
47 Haley, George B   I79060
48 Height, Alden Elkiney  30 Jan 1886Nova Scotia, Canada I44797
49 Kent, Elizabeth  Abt 1717Nova Scotia, Canada I77378
50 Killen, Ernie   I78830

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Archibald, David Morris  1803Nova Scotia, Canada I80701
2 Baird, Lloyd Russell   I81900
3 Baxter, Mabel Catherine   I80750
4 Bezanson, Edward Manning  7 Feb 1892Nova Scotia, Canada I78759
5 Bezanson, May  Abt 1922Nova Scotia, Canada I78817
6 Colter, Mary Agnes  7 Apr 1913Nova Scotia, Canada I76991
7 Dickie, Emma Jean   I79012
8 Dixon, William Dotten  29 Sep 1885Nova Scotia, Canada I80168
9 Etter, Catherine Marshall  21 Apr 1940Nova Scotia, Canada I76974
10 Etter, Harriet Ann  20 Oct 1908Nova Scotia, Canada I76860
11 Etter, James McHeffey  22 Apr 1905Nova Scotia, Canada I76810
12 Etter, William Black  Abt 1862Nova Scotia, Canada I76977
13 Fenton, William Sanford   I82495
14 Greenman, Charles Wilfred   I78302
15 Higgins, Susan  22 May 1877Nova Scotia, Canada I77250
16 Logan, Margaret Scott  1916Nova Scotia, Canada I80748
17 Macdonald, Sarah  21 Jan 1965Nova Scotia, Canada I82218
18 MacKay, Ernest Gordon  12 Jun 1931Nova Scotia, Canada I82286
19 McKeen, Jane  15 Nov 1913Nova Scotia, Canada I78481
20 Parker, Baby Male  27 Feb 1829Nova Scotia, Canada I77807
21 Porter, Glenn Parker   I71447
22 Reid, John  16 May 1860Nova Scotia, Canada I82093
23 Smith, Rebecca  30 Nov 1889Nova Scotia, Canada I82217
24 Sweet, Margaret "Maggie" Pearl   I79065
25 Sweet, Susan "Susie"   I79088
26 Vaughan, Anthony  Nova Scotia, Canada I78778
27 Vaughan, George  Nova Scotia, Canada I78774
28 Vaughan, James  21 Jan 1927Nova Scotia, Canada I78785
29 Vaughan, John  Nova Scotia, Canada I78773
30 Vaughan, Mary J  18 Oct 1930Nova Scotia, Canada I78781


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Archibald, Ann  1830Nova Scotia, Canada I77004
2 Archibald, David  1761Nova Scotia, Canada I77189
3 Etter, Franklin Germanis  1784Nova Scotia, Canada I76960
4 McKeen, James William  1765Nova Scotia, Canada I77003


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Allison, Maria  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I77068
2 Baker, Siserena Ethel  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I80670
3 Bezanson, Clara May  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78809
4 Bezanson, Eva Isabella  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78810
5 Bezanson, James A  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78760
6 Bezanson, Maud Edna  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78803
7 Bezanson, Nathaniel H.  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78846
8 Bezanson, Parker Miller  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78808
9 Bezanson, Robert Oris  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78807
10 Bezanson, Walter Scott  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78802
11 Bradshaw, Mary  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78761
12 Brenton, Florence Rebecca  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78540
13 Brenton, George Wilbert  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78552
14 Clarke, Isabel Allison  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I77071
15 Clarke, William Henry  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I77067
16 Colter, Olla May  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78325
17 Dickie, Ada B   I79011
18 Dickie, Alexena W  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I79016
19 Dickie, Elizabeth Jane  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I79045
20 Dickie, Fredrick William  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I79046
21 Dickie, Hattie M   I79044
22 Dickie, Leon E   I79047
23 Dickie, Neil Earle  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I79014
24 Dickie, Robert Clifford   I78643
25 Dickie, Samuel Benvie  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78642
26 Eisner, Edward Abner  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78712
27 EIsnor, Erastus  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78711
28 Eisnor, Hallet Crosby  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78748
29 Eisnor, Josiah D  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78744
30 EIsnor, Lawson Theodore  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78750
31 EIsnor, Lillian  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78714
32 EIsnor, Naomi  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78713
33 Etter, Allan Stanley  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78211
34 Etter, Augustus William  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I76875
35 Etter, Elsie  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78214
36 Etter, Flora MacDonald  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78212
37 Etter, Franklin Germanis  1820Nova Scotia, Canada I76960
38 Etter, Margaret Ann  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78514
39 Etter, Philip St. Clair  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I76861
40 Etter, Stewart James  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78213
41 Etter, Victoria Louise  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78539
42 Etter, William Landells  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78215
43 Foote, Hartley  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78892
44 Foote, James Lawson  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78857
45 Fraser, Agnes Jane  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I79043
46 Greenman, Anna  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78339
47 Greenman, Benjamin Curtis  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78336
48 Greenman, Charles Curtis  1901Nova Scotia, Canada I78337
49 Greenman, Ruth A.   I78338
50 Haley, Carrie Wilmot   I79099

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Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Archibald / Kent  1741Nova Scotia, Canada F25972
2 Landells / Corbett  13 Feb 1836Nova Scotia, Canada F26274
3 MacKay / Brown   F29662
4 McKeen / Logan  1801Nova Scotia, Canada F25991
5 McKeen / MacDougall  Jul 1811Nova Scotia, Canada F29526
6 McKeen / McKenzie  1811Nova Scotia, Canada F29520
7 McKeen / Smith  1830Nova Scotia, Canada F29666
8 McNayr / Millet  Bef 1842Nova Scotia, Canada F26422