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Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA


Latitude: 39.3331, Longitude: -82.9824


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brown, John Madeira  15 Mar 1874Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I72083
2 Brown, John Madeira Jr   I72081
3 Brown, Marjorie  2 Aug 1905Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I72082
4 Harness, Robert Lee Rosy  8 Jul 1869Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I71711
5 Renick, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1813Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I71679
6 Renick, Josiah  17 Apr 1807Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I71692
7 Renick, Mortimer  1808Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I71680
8 Roseboom, Blanche Irene   I60560
9 Van Meter, Charles Edwin  12 Apr 1879Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I71970
10 Van Meter, Erma Lois   I71982
11 Van Meter, Sallie Cunningham  3 May 1879Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I72059


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Brown, John Madeira  30 Jul 1940Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I72083
2 Brown, John Madeira Jr   I72081
3 Cunningham, Susan Tabitha  5 Sep 1907Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I72057
4 Harness, Ellen Douglas  22 Mar 1933Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I71758
5 Harness, Robert Lee Rosy  1937Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I71711
6 Quinn, James Cecil  4 May 1905Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I71625
7 Renick, Alexander S  29 Sep 1875Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I71678
8 Roseboom, Arta Viola   I41061
9 Scott, Mary Ellen   I69677
10 Van Meter, Charles Edwin  4 May 1953Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I71970
11 Van Meter, John Inskeep  3 Aug 1875Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I26588
12 Van Meter, John Marshall  31 Aug 1925Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I71919


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Harness, Daniel Renick  Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I61782
2 Sisson, Eliza Irwin  Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I72053
3 Van Meter, Edward Payson  Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I71969
4 Van Meter, John Inskeep  Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I26588
5 Van Meter, John Marshall  Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I71919
6 Van Meter, Sallie Cunningham  Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I72059
7 Vause, Rachael Inskeep  Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I61784


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Brown, John Madeira Jr   I72081
2 Brown, John Madeira  1930Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I72083
3 Brown, John Madeira  1 Apr 1940Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I72083
4 Brown, Marjorie  1930Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I72082
5 Cunningham, Susan Tabitha  1880Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I72057
6 Harness, Ellen Douglas  1880Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I71758
7 Harness, Ellen Douglas  1930Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I71758
8 Kamph, H Warren  1930Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I72084
9 Roseboom, Blanche Irene   I60560
10 Roseboom, Hendrick  1820Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I2892
11 Smith, Clarel Jesse   I57500
12 Van Meter, Charles Edwin  1880Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I71970
13 Van Meter, Edward Payson  1880Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I71969
14 Van Meter, Helen B.   I71981
15 Van Meter, John Inskeep  1860Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I26588
16 Van Meter, John Marshall  1880Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I71919
17 Van Meter, Mary Harness  1880Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I72058
18 Van Meter, Sallie Cunningham  1880Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I72059
19 Van Meter, Sallie Cunningham  1930Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I72059
20 Van Meter, Sallie Cunningham  1 Apr 1940Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I72059
21 Van Meter, Sallie Cunningham  17 Feb 1966Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio, USA I72059