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North Carolina, USA


Latitude: 35.175, Longitude: -79.125


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Nancy C  Feb 1843North Carolina, USA I68675
2 Allen, Mildred J.  1825North Carolina, USA I1049
3 Allison, E. A.  1868North Carolina, USA I63818
4 Alston, Martha  14 Dec 1781North Carolina, USA I5924
5 Alston, Samuel Yeargan  Abt 1779North Carolina, USA I38018
6 Amis, Lewis  1787North Carolina, USA I52950
7 Ashworth, Sarah L.  28 Aug 1828North Carolina, USA I52971
8 Brockman, John  Abt 1784North Carolina, USA I80187
9 Burwell, Joseph William Thomas  26 May 1898North Carolina, USA I16106
10 Burwell, Jr. Joseph William Thomas  1922North Carolina, USA I16099
11 Burwell, Martha Harrison  Abt 1849North Carolina, USA I16265
12 Burwell, Mary Lewis  Abt 1851North Carolina, USA I16266
13 Burwell, Nathaniel Daniel  Mar 1896North Carolina, USA I16105
14 Burwell, Nathaniel Daniel   I16107
15 Bush, Alexander M.  26 Dec 1839North Carolina, USA I53409
16 Cagle, Martha Ann  27 May 1862North Carolina, USA I14954
17 Caldwell, Alice Brandon  North Carolina, USA I7466
18 Carlton, W. B.  Jan 1866North Carolina, USA I61964
19 Cross, Cryprian Clay  Abt 1843North Carolina, USA I5174
20 Daniel, Ellen Christian  20 Nov 1820North Carolina, USA I69979
21 Daniel, Thomas Chesley  1832North Carolina, USA I69964
22 Daniel, Woodson  19 Mar 1776North Carolina, USA I54634
23 Dodd, Lucy Ann  Abt 1793North Carolina, USA I601
24 Earle, Eliza B  24 Feb 1836North Carolina, USA I68877
25 Earle, Louisa  1835North Carolina, USA I68873
26 Earle, Lucy  1 Jan 1786North Carolina, USA I68776
27 Earle, William  1794North Carolina, USA I68784
28 England, Nancy  Abt 1804North Carolina, USA I68881
29 Fontaine, Mary Frances  Abt 1779North Carolina, USA I3734
30 Frazier, Julia Ann  Abt 1853North Carolina, USA I6013
31 Frazier, Rosa  Abt 1854North Carolina, USA I6011
32 Fry, Joseph  19 Sep 1800North Carolina, USA I52919
33 Golding, Nancy J.  1858North Carolina, USA I15296
34 Gordon, Samuel Johnston  1808/1812North Carolina, USA I5187
35 Graves, Beasley  1824North Carolina, USA I53703
36 Graves, Calvin  14 Feb 1804North Carolina, USA I69304
37 Graves, Elijah  8 Dec 1778North Carolina, USA I72691
38 Graves, Jane  Abt 1803North Carolina, USA I58686
39 Greene, Sarah  Abt 1790North Carolina, USA I72844
40 Guild, Mary Elizabeth  1827North Carolina, USA I13653
41 Hagey, Elizabeth Rebecca  1785North Carolina, USA I1011
42 Haltom, Ann Eliza  15 Jun 1838North Carolina, USA I71445
43 Harris, Duncan R.  1831North Carolina, USA I53357
44 Harris, Elizabeth  Abt 1847North Carolina, USA I53507
45 Harris, Jesse S.  Abt 1788North Carolina, USA I53649
46 Harris, Margaret M.  Abt 1829North Carolina, USA I53536
47 Harris, Ransom  1845North Carolina, USA I53506
48 Hedrick, Margaret  1823North Carolina, USA I53505
49 Henderson, Elizabeth Polk  1798North Carolina, USA I52912
50 Henry, Elizabeth Ann  4 May 1843North Carolina, USA I72486

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Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Alston, John Joseph  1 Apr 1831North Carolina, USA I38016
2 Bolling, Jared  1780North Carolina, USA I10334
3 Bryant, Mary  1744North Carolina, USA I73628
4 Cates, Garry Allen   I16074
5 Dabney, Anna  Aft 1784North Carolina, USA I10724
6 Easley, Warham  Aft 12 Aug 1790North Carolina, USA I264
7 Fisher, Adam Seymour Jr   I72040
8 Fontaine, Judith  North Carolina, USA I2060
9 Fontaine, Mary  1765North Carolina, USA I3586
10 Graves, Calvin  14 Feb 1876North Carolina, USA I69304
11 Greene, Sarah  North Carolina, USA I72844
12 Harris, Frances  10 Apr 1872North Carolina, USA I53648
13 Harrison, Isaiah Jr  1760North Carolina, USA I77645
14 Kuykendall, Sarah  1748North Carolina, USA I64926
15 Mebane, Alexander  5 Nov 1792North Carolina, USA I17307
16 Overton, Mary  1790North Carolina, USA I70495
17 Patterson, William Turner  1799North Carolina, USA I80205
18 Townsley, John Oliver  Bef 1850North Carolina, USA I80106
19 Trowbridge, Mary  3 Dec 1774North Carolina, USA I70622
20 Wall, Samuel  14 Nov 1900North Carolina, USA I22860
21 Williams, Elizabeth "Betsy"  21 Aug 1841North Carolina, USA I36439
22 Woodson, Anne  Aft 1801North Carolina, USA I12738
23 Yancey, Ann  Abt 1862North Carolina, USA I5746
24 Yancey, Caroline Louisa  24 Dec 1843North Carolina, USA I5454
25 Yancey, Edward Alexander Grandison  9 Mar 1812North Carolina, USA I630
26 Yancey, Elizabeth Perry  1854North Carolina, USA I8
27 Yancey, Frances Williams  3 Oct 1839North Carolina, USA I5451
28 Yancey, Mary  Bef 1777North Carolina, USA I4
29 Yancey, Mildred Ann  Bef 1856North Carolina, USA I5505
30 Yancey, Rufus Augustus  5 Nov 1829North Carolina, USA I5466
31 Yancey, Susannah  Aft 1850North Carolina, USA I1438
32 Yancey, Thomas  Bef Oct 1803North Carolina, USA I5595
33 Yancey, Winifred  1779/1850North Carolina, USA I6335
34 Yeargain, Samuel  24 Dec 1784North Carolina, USA I70171


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Yancey, Edward Alexander Grandison  Mar 1812North Carolina, USA I630


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Osborne, Frances West   I22750
2 Wayt, Martha "Mattie" Frances  Jun 1874North Carolina, USA I22782


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Graves, Barzillai  Between 1814 and 1815North Carolina, USA I16617
2 Graves, Barzillai  Between 1818 and 1822North Carolina, USA I16617


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Earle, William H.  Between 1750 and 1910North Carolina, USA I68760
2 Earle, William H.  1790North Carolina, USA I68760
3 Earle, William H.  1790North Carolina, USA I68760
4 Ren, Edward Claude   I68029
5 Yancey, Tryon Milton  1795North Carolina, USA I3345
6 Yancey, Tryon Milton Jr  1852North Carolina, USA I3348


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    _MILT    Person ID 
1 Mebane, George Allen  1812North Carolina, USA I17363


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Daniel / Milton  1820North Carolina, USA F19025
2 Graves / Amis  10 Sep 1811North Carolina, USA F18500
3 Hester / Burwell   F6178
4 Howard / Graves  1791North Carolina, USA F25326
5 Kerr / Graves  1774North Carolina, USA F801
6 McCauley / Yancey  8 May 1834North Carolina, USA F520
7 Roseboom / Robeson   F15113
8 Wall / Dandridge  Abt 1874North Carolina, USA F8696
9 Williams / Harris  1844North Carolina, USA F18705
10 Woods / Woods  1744North Carolina, USA F25604
11 Yancey / Graves  1756North Carolina, USA F1967
12 Yancey / Hagey  North Carolina, USA F387
13 Yancey / Harris  1802North Carolina, USA F2