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Jackson County, MO



Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Harris, Susan  27 Jun 1834Jackson County, MO I10555
2 Kearney, Elizabeth  1866Jackson County, MO I10584
3 Kearney, Francis Esmonde  27 Aug 1853Jackson County, MO I10581
4 Kearney, Julia M.  1 Sep 1858Jackson County, MO I10583
5 Kearney, Mary Louise  17 Feb 1856Jackson County, MO I10582
6 Kearney, William Bernard  20 Nov 1860Jackson County, MO I10585
7 Lipscomb, Charles H.  17 May 1853Jackson County, MO I10710
8 Lipscomb, Francis Malcomb  1 Jul 1847Jackson County, MO I10605
9 Lipscomb, Henrietta  19 Mar 1859Jackson County, MO I10601
10 Lipscomb, James H.  1857Jackson County, MO I10608
11 Lipscomb, Jr. Joel  11 May 1851Jackson County, MO I10709
12 Lipscomb, John Harris  1849Jackson County, MO I10606
13 Lipscomb, Nathan  3 Jul 1843Jackson County, MO I10602
14 Lipscomb, R. Bernard  1856Jackson County, MO I10607
15 Lipscomb, William S.  1842Jackson County, MO I10603
16 Lipscomb, Zachary T.  1848Jackson County, MO I10609
17 Mastin, Jr. John J.  Mar 1870Jackson County, MO I10621


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Behan, Peter  10 Jun 1889Jackson County, MO I10557
2 Bernard, William Rodney  25 Nov 1906Jackson County, MO I10593
3 Harris, Elizabeth  10 Sep 1922Jackson County, MO I10556
4 Harris, Henrietta S.  24 Mar 1859Jackson County, MO I10551
5 Harris, John  7 Aug 1873Jackson County, MO I10588
6 Harris, John Simpson  16 Feb 1897Jackson County, MO I10553
7 Harris, Josephine  11 Jan 1913Jackson County, MO I10520
8 Harris, Julia Ann  29 Aug 1922Jackson County, MO I10554
9 Harris, Susan  9 Apr 1895Jackson County, MO I10555
10 Harris, Virginia  17 Feb 1874Jackson County, MO I10736
11 Kearney, Charles Esmonde  3 Jan 1898Jackson County, MO I10519
12 Kearney, Francis Esmonde  4 May 1855Jackson County, MO I10581
13 Kearney, William Bernard  15 Aug 1862Jackson County, MO I10585
14 Lipscomb, Charles H.  2 Sep 1854Jackson County, MO I10710
15 Lipscomb, Henrietta  20 Mar 1859Jackson County, MO I10601
16 Lipscomb, Jr. Joel  8 Aug 1854Jackson County, MO I10709
17 Lipscomb, Joel  27 Dec 1893Jackson County, MO I10558
18 Mastin, John J.  7 Aug 1890Jackson County, MO I10592
19 Mastin, Thomas Hoyle  24 Jun 1905Jackson County, MO I10594
20 Rice, Archibald  14 Oct 1849Jackson County, MO I5762
21 Simpson, Henrietta  24 Apr 1881Jackson County, MO I10589


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Bernard / Harris  2 Feb 1853Jackson County, MO F4113
2 Mastin / Harris  9 Mar 1852Jackson County, MO F4112
3 Mastin / Harris  8 Oct 1866Jackson County, MO F4114