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    Matches 1 to 50 of 58

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 Amalberga  490Denmark I73498
    2 Anna M  Apr 1859Denmark I68506
    3 Danpi  Abt 395Denmark I37264
    4 Godefrid King of Hedeby  834Denmark I73813
    5 King of Denmark Gorm "The Old"  Abt 840Denmark I37462
    6 of the Vandals Hilda  Abt 483Denmark I52348
    7 Sigris  Abt 507Denmark I37283
    8 King of Denmark, Norway and England Svend "Forked Beard"  Abt 940Denmark I37136
    9 King of Denmark Sveyn I Tvesk√§g Haroldsson  963Denmark I52534
    10 Thyra  Abt 993Denmark I40586
    11 Princess of Norway Ulfhild  Abt 1024Denmark I39106
    12 Alfsdatter, Gauthild (Gyrita)  614Denmark I40425
    13 Anderson, Hans (Henry)  Feb 1862Denmark I77108
    14 Dansson, Frodi  433Denmark I40422
    15 Fridleifsson, Frodi  Abt 479Denmark I37268
    16 Fridleifsson, Havar  Abt 325Denmark I37259
    17 Fridleifsson, Olaf  Abt 477Denmark I52442
    18 Frodasson, Fridleif  Abt 456Denmark I37267
    19 Frodasson, Frodi  505Denmark I52349
    20 Frodasson, Halfdan  Abt 454Denmark I52444
    21 Frodasson, King of Denmark Halfdan "The Skjolding"  Abt 503Denmark I37284
    22 Frodasson, Ingjald  501Denmark I40333
    23 Frodasson, Vermund  Abt 369Denmark I37253
    24 Gandolfsdatter, Alfhild  Abt 735Denmark I37216
    25 Halfdansson, King of Lethra Hraerek "Slaunvanbauga"  Abt 629Denmark I39856
    26 Halfdansson, King of Lethra Ivar "Wide Fathom from Skane"  Abt 612Denmark I37218
    27 Halfdansson, Olaf "The Mighty"  Abt 528Denmark I39549
    28 Hanson, Mary  Jul 1868Denmark I79542
    29 Haraldsdotter, Queen of Norway Thyra  947Denmark I37106
    30 Havarsson, Frodi  Abt 347Denmark I37256
    31 Helgasdottir, Yrsa  Abt 565Denmark I39547
    32 Hraereksson, King of Lethra Harald "Hilditonn"  655Denmark I40329
    33 Hroarsson, Valdar  Abt 547Denmark I37269
    34 Ivarsdatter, Aud "The Deep Minded"  Abt 633Denmark I37217
    35 Mikkelsen, Hans Christian  6 Sep 1819Denmark I79574
    36 Nissen, S Hanson  Jan 1862Denmark I68505
    37 Olafsdatter, Gynrithe  919Denmark I37461
    38 Olafsson, Dan  Abt 412Denmark I39557
    39 Olafsson, Frodi  Abt 433Denmark I37266
    40 Olsen, Axel Otto  Abt 1883Denmark I68478
    41 Olsen, Elly Mary  14 Mar 1910Denmark I24236
    42 Pederdatter, Anna Kirstine  Abt 1863Denmark I77217
    43 Pedersdatter, Dusina  1871Denmark I77238
    44 Pedersen, John  1862Denmark I77212
    45 Pedersen, Peter  Abt 1865Denmark I77218
    46 Petersdotter, Anna Kathrina  Sep 1853Denmark I77109
    47 Peterson, Frederick  Jun 1862Denmark I79543
    48 Peterson, Magnus (Mike)  Sep 1866Denmark I77211
    49 Radbardsson, of Denmark Randver  Abt 670Denmark I8354
    50 Ragnarsson, Swedish King at Uppsala Bjorn "Ironside"  Abt 777Denmark I8161

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    Matches 1 to 5 of 5

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 Amalasunta  360Denmark I74165
    2 Belga  388Denmark I74225
    3 Wisimar 12th King of Heruli  340Denmark I74164
    4 Andersen, Anne Kirstine  17 Oct 1879Denmark I79575
    5 Pedersen, Jorgen  Denmark I77215


    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
    1 Olsen, Elly Mary  Denmark I24236


    Matches 1 to 13 of 13

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 /   Abt 300Denmark F25016
    2 /   Abt 954Denmark F13681
    3 Fridleifsson /   Abt 500Denmark F13718
    4 Fridleifsson / Sigurdsdatter  Abt 820Denmark F14501
    5 Frodasson /   Abt 523Denmark F13724
    6 Halfdansson /   Abt 553Denmark F13699
    7 Halfdansson / Alfsdatter  632Denmark F13706
    8 Halfdansson / Halfdansdottir  Abt 564Denmark F14555
    9 Haroldsson / Kinriksdatter  Abt 611Denmark F13707
    10 Olafsson / Haraldsdotter  947Denmark F13666
    11 Olsen / Pedersen  Denmark F23498
    12 Ragnarsson /   Abt 799Denmark F3253
    13 Vermundsson /   Abt 411Denmark F13717