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Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA


Latitude: 41.85, Longitude: -87.6501


Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bargiel, Amy Laura   I78133
2 Barker, Eugenia Joyce   I14813
3 Blow, Adele Margaret   I67564
4 Breckinridge, Henry Dudley Skillman  25 May 1886Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I69459
5 Chatfield-Taylor, Hobart  24 Mar 1865Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I67576
6 Chatfield-Taylor, Robert Farwell   I67561
7 Chatfield-Taylor, Wayne  19 Dec 1893Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I67563
8 De Koven, Ethel LeRoy   I67492
9 Disney, Walter Elias  5 Dec 1901Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I65544
10 Farwell, Anna  19 Nov 1862Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I66349
11 Farwell, Charles Benjamin Jr.  3 Jun 1853Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I66331
12 Farwell, Walter C.  23 Jun 1863Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I37563
13 Gibbs, Jeptha Milton V   I35588
14 Haeffner, Betty Ruth   I81962
15 Harder, Jeanne   I35930
16 Harrison, IV Carter Henry  23 Apr 1860Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I10630
17 Harrison, Jr. Carter Henry V  28 Jun 1890Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I10648
18 Harrison, Edity Ogden   I10649
19 Harrison, Joanne Howell   I82298
20 Harrison, William Preston  12 Apr 1869Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I10641
21 MacAulay, Verna Isabel  5 Jun 1904Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I78316
22 Mason, Henry Eager  13 Oct 1868Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I67539
23 Matejcek, Augusta  29 May 1893Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I77595
24 Matejcek, Ernest Warren   I77599
25 Matejcek, Glen Jonathan   I77585
26 Quarles, Richard Patrick   I79169
27 Smith, Albert Charles  4 May 1881Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I79193
28 Smith, Albert Van   I79151
29 Smith, Donald Burr  2 Apr 1912Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I79154
30 Smith, George Albert  14 Feb 1905Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I79194
31 Smith, J   I79187
32 Smith, William Lieds   I79196
33 Taylor, Hobert Chatfield   I67541
34 Van Hecke, Jean Baptiste  24 Jul 1874Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I75951
35 Winston, Charles Farwell  11 Apr 1891Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I67581
36 Winston, Lillie  1858Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I67553
37 Winston, Marie  20 Jun 1871Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I67557
38 Winston, Mary Garrard  1863Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I67554
39 Winston, Mervyn Newton  1867Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I67555
40 Yoe, Lucien G.  Sep 1847Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I66333


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Adam, Catherine Athalie  21 Jan 1904Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I17490
2 Chatfield, Adelaide  9 Jun 1883Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I67578
3 Douglas, Stephen Arnold Jr.  3 Jun 1861Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I33200
4 Dudley, Maria Garrard  1885Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I67597
5 French, Adam  13 Jan 1932Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I55319
6 French, Catherine  Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I74877
7 Geldert, Leonard Dunbar Jr  11 Feb 1894Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I78475
8 Harrison, Carolina Dudley "Lina"  21 Feb 1943Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I10629
9 Harrison, III Carter Henry  28 Oct 1893Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I19121
10 Harrison, IV Carter Henry  25 Dec 1953Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I10630
11 Kossack, Ida Edith   I79155
12 Kummer, John Lawrence  Dec 1963Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I76457
13 Matejcek, Augusta  13 Jun 1893Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I77595
14 Matejcek, George Roland  21 Sep 1953Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I79861
15 Rockcastle, William Joseph  20 Nov 1944Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I79180
16 Smith, William Lieds   I79196
17 Taylor, Henry Hobart  9 Mar 1875Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I67577
18 Ten Eyck, Tenodor  28 Aug 1905Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I80991
19 Van Kleeck, Sarah (Sally)  4 Apr 1873Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4748
20 Winston, Mary Garrard  1875Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I67554
21 Winston, Mervyn Newton  1871Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I67555


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Fouser, Bernice Elva   I77600
2 Haba, Marie   I77598
3 Harrison, III Carter Henry  Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I19121
4 Kubec, Anastasia  18 May 1943Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I77557
5 Matejcek, August  31 Mar 1943Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I77556
6 Matejcek, Ernest Warren   I77599
7 Matejcek, Fredrick  Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I77558
8 Preston, Sophonisba Grayson  Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I19060


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Kerfoot, Margaret Daulton  1871Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I67540


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    NaturalizationPetition    Person ID 
1 Bulandr, Jaroslav "Jerry" Alan   I77532


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Farwell, Charles Benjamin  Between 1853 and 1861Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I66347
2 Farwell, Charles Benjamin  Between 19 Jan 1887 and 3 Mar 1891Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I66347


Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Barker, Eugenia Joyce   I14813
2 Disney, Walter Elias  15 Nov 1918Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I65544
3 Dudley, Maria Garrard  1880Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I67597
4 Dudley, Maria Garrard  1880Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I67597
5 Fountain, Mary Ada  1880Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I67558
6 Haba, Marie   I77598
7 Haba, Marie   I77598
8 Haba, Marie   I77598
9 Kossack, Ida Edith   I79155
10 Kossack, Ida Edith   I79155
11 Kubec, Anastasia  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I77557
12 Kubec, Anastasia  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I77557
13 Matejcek, August  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I77556
14 Matejcek, Ernest Warren   I77599
15 Matejcek, Ernest Warren   I77599
16 Matejcek, Ernest Warren   I77599
17 Matejcek, Frederick Warren   I77583
18 Matejcek, Fredrick  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I77558
19 Matejcek, Fredrick  1917Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I77558
20 Matejcek, Fredrick  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I77558
21 Matejcek, Fredrick  1935Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I77558
22 Matejcek, Fredrick  1940Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I77558
23 Matejcek, Fredrick  1942Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I77558
24 Matejcek, Mary   I77554
25 Matejcek, Mary   I77554
26 Ort, Henry Robert  1917Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I77596
27 Ort, Henry Robert  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I77596
28 Seymour, Grace  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I71708
29 Seymour, Joseph P  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I72502
30 Smith, William Lieds   I79196
31 Smith, William Lieds   I79196
32 Smith, William Lieds   I79196
33 Winston, Bertram M  1880Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I67598
34 Winston, Dudley  1880Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I67500
35 Winston, Frederick Hampden  1880Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I67596
36 Winston, Frederick Hampden  1880Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I67596
37 Winston, Frederick Seymour  1880Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I67552
38 Winston, Kervin  1880Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I67572
39 Winston, Lillie  1880Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I67553
40 Winston, Ralph T.  1880Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I67599


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Clarke / Chitty  17 Jun 1903Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA F25932
2 Harrison / Sandberg  3 Jul 1915Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA F4131
3 Matejcek / Haba   F26102
4 Ort / Matejcek   F26114
5 Smith / Kossack   F26494
6 Smith / Van Inwegen   F26493

Marriage License

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Marriage License    Family ID 
1 Matejcek / Haba   F26102