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Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV



Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brake, Elizabeth  22 Feb 1757Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I34301
2 Comfort, Sally  Abt 1871Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I28686
3 Didawick, Hyda Lee  12 Jan 1865Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I65835
4 Harness, Anna Rebecca  2 Dec 1825Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I71600
5 Harness, Catherine  1767Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I20013
6 Harness, Dorothy  1778Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I57110
7 Harness, Margaret Katherine  16 May 1749Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I61309
8 Heath, Ann  Abt 1748Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I66836
9 Kuykendall, George Henry  26 May 1852Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I17760
10 McNeill, Ambrose Crabill  25 Oct 1875Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I71539
11 McNeill, Bessie Timberlake  31 Aug 1882Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I1097
12 McNeill, James William  28 Sep 1845Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I71542
13 Parsons, Thomas  11 Nov 1730Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I66835
14 Randolph, Felix Seymour  29 Mar 1859Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I23550
15 Randolph, Gladys L.  Jan 1893Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I71919
16 Randolph, William Moray  7 May 1895Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I71927
17 Renick, Elizabeth  31 Mar 1800Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I56156
18 Renick, Felix William  5 Nov 1770Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I23544
19 Renick, George William  7 Sep 1776Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I23542
20 See, Barbara  17 Nov 1759Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I42755
21 See, Catherine  26 Feb 1754Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I13509
22 See, Elizabeth  14 Aug 1756Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I61135
23 See, George  12 Nov 1752Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I48327
24 See, George  1755Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I14998
25 See, Mary Polly  20 Sep 1799Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I13507
26 See, Michael  1750Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I14999
27 Seymour, Able  10 Aug 1832Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I37036
28 Seymour, Margaret Ann  5 May 1834Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I1218
29 Williams, Corinne  15 Sep 1900Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I28687
30 Williams, Eliza McNeill  13 Jul 1859Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I59902
31 Williams, Felix Seymour  12 Apr 1857Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I71604
32 Williams, Franklin Taylor  30 Jul 1912Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I28685
33 Williams, George Thomas  3 Oct 1867Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I59901
34 Williams, James Edward  25 Feb 1862Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I59903
35 Williams, Leland  7 Oct 1895Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I59895
36 Williams, Leslie  29 Jan 1903Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I28688
37 Williams, Robert Edward  24 Nov 1898Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I28690
38 Williams, Robert Renick  26 Jun 1874Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I59899
39 Williams, Rosa Lee  3 Feb 1865Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I59900
40 Williams, Walter Cecil  10 Jan 1896Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I28689
41 Williams, Walter Gohene  13 Sep 1871Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I59898


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brown, Lulu  18 Jan 1943Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I38268
2 Crabill, Emma Jane  16 Jun 1918Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I71544
3 Didawick, Hyda Lee  2 Jan 1937Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I65835
4 Gilkeson, Jane Clark  21 Feb 1890Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I68140
5 Harness, Anna Rebecca  4 Jan 1880Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I71600
6 Harness, George Casey  19 Dec 1858Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I38144
7 Kuykendall, George Henry  21 Dec 1930Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I17760
8 Kuykendall, James  24 Nov 1897Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I71599
9 McNeill, Augustus Cleland  26 Aug 1938Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I38098
10 McNeill, Daniel Brown  14 Mar 1943Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I40584
11 McNeill, James William  19 Jun 1924Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I71542
12 McNeill, John Gilkeson  12 Mar 1966Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I28145
13 McNeill, Sallie  9 Mar 1854Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I64336
14 McNeill, Susan Catherine  29 Sep 1933Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I71541
15 Parsons, Parthenia  3 Apr 1886Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I42035
16 Renick, William  15 Jul 1807Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I23156
17 Seymour, Margaret Ann  9 Apr 1887Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I1218
18 Taylor, Mary Elizabeth  4 Dec 1964Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I59896
19 Welton, Harry Curtis  22 Nov 1966Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I54670
20 Williams, Felix Seymour  7 Oct 1937Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I71604
21 Williams, George Thomas  31 Oct 1889Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I1219
22 Williams, Walter Gohene  25 Jul 1943Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I59898


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Crabill, Emma Jane  18 Jun 1918Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I71544
2 McNeill, Augustus Cleland  29 Aug 1938Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I38098
3 McNeill, James William  20 Jun 1924Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I71542
4 McNeill, Roland Karl  25 Jan 1934Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I53685
5 McNeill, Susan Catherine  1 Oct 1933Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I71541
6 Williams, George Thomas  Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I1219
7 Williams, Walter Gohene  28 Jul 1943Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I59898


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Crabill, Emma Jane  1880Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I71544
2 Harness, John "Jack" George  1860Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I59332
3 McNeill, Benjamin O. Seymour  1850Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I15252
4 McNeill, Benjamin O. Seymour  1860Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I15252
5 McNeill, George William  1880Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I71543
6 McNeill, James William  1880Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I71542
7 Parsons, James   I50646
8 See, Valentine Simmons  1860Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I73072

Military Service

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Seymour, Felix  Between 26 May 1776 and 8 Feb 1780Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I44809


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 McNeill, Benjamin O. Seymour  1850Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV I15252


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 McNeill / Crabill  12 May 1870Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV F24098
2 Trumbo / Harness  Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV F6515
3 Williams / Taylor  7 Nov 1894Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV F20105
4 Yoakum / Harness  3 Mar 1796Moorefield, Hardy Co., WV F9285