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Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT



Matches 1 to 50 of 88

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baldwin, Abigail  Abt 1755Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I26312
2 Baldwin, Asa  Abt 1755Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I68203
3 Baldwin, Joel  1772Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I3998
4 Baldwin, Josiah  1763Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I69902
5 Baldwin, Maria   I23280
6 Baldwin, Newton  3 Dec 1796Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I17162
7 Baldwin, Phebe   I72156
8 Baldwin, Philo   I44765
9 Baldwin, Rebeckah   I30746
10 Baldwin, Samuel   I55801
11 Baldwin, Samuel  10 Apr 1731Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I47761
12 Baldwin, Sybil  22 Nov 1728Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I3973
13 Booth, Alexander  1726Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I53109
14 Booth, Anson   I64683
15 Booth, Beebe  7 Jul 1793Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I64686
16 Booth, Elisha  29 Oct 1755Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I64680
17 Booth, Eunice   I64679
18 Booth, Experience  3 Nov 1758Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I64682
19 Booth, Jared   I21091
20 Booth, Jared  4 Nov 1753Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I21083
21 Booth, Lua  Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I14660
22 Booth, Lucy  Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I21092
23 Booth, Lucy  Abt 1768Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I21093
24 Booth, Lyman  1797Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I34457
25 Booth, Mary Newton  1783Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I21086
26 Booth, Samuel Newton   I21088
27 Booth, Sarah   I26171
28 Booth, Sarah  Abt 1764Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I26172
29 Booth, Walter   I26180
30 Booth, Walter  Abt 1760Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I39007
31 Bradley  8 Aug 1795Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I4953
32 Bradley  1805Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I19103
33 Bradley, Alling Hubbard   I11797
34 Bradley, Amos  1797Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I11799
35 Bradley, Aurel Goodsell   I11793
36 Bradley, Betsey Smith   I72532
37 Bradley, Dan   I9049
38 Bradley, Dana   I72591
39 Bradley, Huldah   I62734
40 Bradley, Jerry   I73893
41 Bradley, John  15 Mar 1779Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I15808
42 Bradley, Joseph Langdon   I29253
43 Bradley, Lewis   I24174
44 Bradley, Lucinda  1790Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I29255
45 Bradley, Sally   I29252
46 Bradley, Timothy Wyllys  1805Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I24126
47 Bradley, Ursula   I24128
48 Bradley, Wealthy   I24121
49 Collins, Sarah  1765Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I26440
50 Newton   I6143

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Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Allen, Samuel  16 Oct 1743Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I51239
2 Baldwin, Mary Adaline  7 Jan 1812Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I31254
3 Baldwin, Newton  17 Nov 1793Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I17162
4 Booth, Israel  29 Apr 1750Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I21084
5 Briscoe, Ruth  6 Jan 1751Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I2131
6 Briscoe, Samuel  19 Feb 1749Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I72570
7 Briscoe, Sara  3 Dec 1752Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I72565
8 Newton, Elizabeth Rogers  4 Jun 1815Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I66007
9 Newton, Huldah  Dec 1798Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I60882
10 Newton, Joseph Rogers  Dec 1798Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I60897
11 Newton, Lewis Camp  1 Jun 1800Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I60895
12 Newton, Lucy  29 Mar 1795Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I37173
13 Newton, Olivia  18 Oct 1801Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I55006
14 Newton, Polly  17 Nov 1793Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I5136
15 Newton, Samuel  17 Nov 1793Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I5077
16 Newton, Samuel Wyllys  24 Nov 1811Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I5202
17 Tolles, Daniel  28 Aug 1748Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I44221
18 Tolles, Lamberton  5 Aug 1750Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I827


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bradley, Abner  29 Sep 1825Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I45408
2 Bradley, Andrew  26 Apr 1798Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I45414
3 Bradley, Avis  16 Mar 1830Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I45420
4 Bradley, Benjamin  2 Apr 1801Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I41316
5 Bradley, Charles  23 Oct 1799Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I41313
6 Bradley, Elizabeth  6 Nov 1764Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I8153
7 Bradley, Hannah  16 Jul 1826Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I45409
8 Bradley, Timothy  10 Oct 1803Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I45415
9 Camp, Mary  26 Feb 1809Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I44358
10 Newton, Samuel  31 Dec 1814Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I50649
11 Sperry, Mabel  12 Jan 1798Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I41315


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Humphreville, Abigail  Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I9761


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Booth, Lua  7 Apr 1798Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I14660
2 Booth, Lyman  6 Feb 1797Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I34457
3 Booth, Walter   I26180
4 Bradley, Aurel Goodsell   I11793
5 Bradley, Betsey Smith   I72532
6 Bradley, Huldah   I62734
7 Bradley, Jerry   I73893
8 Bradley, Joseph Langdon   I29253
9 Bradley, Sally   I29252
10 Bradley, Timothy Wyllys  11 May 1806Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I24126
11 Bradley, Ursula   I24128
12 Bradley, Wealthy   I24121
13 Hotchkiss, Patience   I65639


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 Newton, Elizabeth Rogers  1 Jun 1817Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT I66007


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Augur / Bradley   F12680
2 Baldwin / Northrup   F1322
3 Baldwin / Thomas  7 Nov 1786Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT F23504
4 Booth / Baldwin  4 Nov 1748Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT F17793
5 Bradley / Beecher   F13849
6 Bradley / Collins  7 Mar 1782Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT F3901
7 Bradley / Dickerman  23 Sep 1778Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT F8000
8 Bradley / Sperry  13 Oct 1791Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT F21093
9 Briscoe / Northrup  11 Dec 1746Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT F12767
10 Camp / Bradley   F12303
11 Fenn / Bradley  15 Mar 1770Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT F20728
12 Hine / Porter  12 Jun 1771Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT F4914
13 Newton / Camp  13 May 1762Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT F16974
14 Newton / Rogers  25 May 1795Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT F20447
15 Oviatt / Sperry  21 Nov 1793Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT F21162
16 Sperry / Bradley   F3986
17 Sperry / Bradley   F19866
18 Sperry / Newton  3 Apr 1797Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT F17834
19 Stilson / Clinton  12 Aug 1772Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT F22594