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Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT



Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boardman, Hannah  2 Apr 1807Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I18168
2 Boardman, Henry  2 Jan 1791Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I18167
3 Boardman, Joseph  8 Aug 1810Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I31141
4 Boardman, Joseph Canfield  4 May 1813Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I18161
5 Boardman, Joseph Simeon  3 May 1780Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I18164
6 Boardman, Levi  30 Jan 1765Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I31148
7 Boardman, Levi  28 Jul 1795Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I42860
8 Boardman, Maria Lucinda  3 Jan 1820Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I31150
9 Boardman, Mary  19 Sep 1719Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I31149
10 Boardman, William  15 Aug 1792Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I64676
11 Camp, Alma  31 Jan 1787Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I62922
12 Camp, Anna  15 Apr 1773Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I36697
13 Camp, Eleanor  17 Jul 1775Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I74533
14 Camp, James Kellogg  15 Mar 1784Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I41848
15 Camp, Joseph  1744Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I64068
16 Camp, Joseph  26 Mar 1781Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I64006
17 Camp, Lucy  12 May 1790Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I57009
18 Camp, Sarah  4 Jun 1778Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I45631
19 Catlin, John  28 Jun 1643Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I23670
20 Crane, Phebe  Abt 1630Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I66290
21 Kellogg, Anna  1748Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I61011
22 Kellogg, Charles  24 Jul 1825Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I53886
23 Kellogg, Martin  24 Jul 1781Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I74296
24 Kellogg, Martin  9 Nov 1811Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I12829
25 Kellogg, Roger Welles  12 Jun 1813Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I44017
26 Kellogg, Samuel J. Mills  7 Sep 1821Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I69755
27 Robbins, Unni  9 Feb 1742Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I22491
28 Warner, Elizabeth  1774Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I32874
29 Welles, Charles Rogers  26 Aug 1812Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I59172
30 Welles, Francis Norton  27 Dec 1822Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I11754
31 Welles, James  6 Sep 1772Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I39362
32 Welles, John  15 May 1825Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I40850
33 Welles, Julia  14 Jun 1801Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I64187
34 Welles, Julia Norton  1819Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I14016
35 Welles, Leonard  5 Jul 1765Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I64182
36 Welles, Roger  1753Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I74240
37 Welles, Thomas Norton  14 Nov 1810Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I67601
38 Wright, Martha  1775Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I16047


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Boardman, Henry  5 Nov 1795Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I18167
2 Boardman, Levi  5 Nov 1795Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I42860
3 Boardman, William  5 Nov 1795Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I64676
4 Camp, Anna  29 Apr 1770Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I36697
5 Kellogg, Charles  2 Oct 1825Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I53886
6 Kellogg, Henry Laurens  5 May 1816Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I73080
7 Kellogg, Martin  2 Jul 1815Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I12829
8 Kellogg, Roger Welles  2 Jul 1815Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I44017
9 Kellogg, Samuel J. Mills  4 Nov 1821Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I69755
10 Kellogg, Sarah Welles  21 Jun 1829Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I53631
11 Welles, Francis Norton  3 Aug 1823Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I11754
12 Welles, John  3 Aug 1825Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I40850
13 Welles, Julia  9 Aug 1801Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I64187
14 Welles, Julia Norton  4 Oct 1820Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I14016
15 Welles, Leonard  24 Jul 1765Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I64182
16 Welles, Leonard Robbins  19 Jun 1803Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I13148
17 Welles, Mary  5 Apr 1801Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I13307
18 Welles, Prudence  18 Oct 1812Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I46177
19 Welles, Sarah  22 Sep 1805Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I5160


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Catlin, John  Bef 17 Jul 1655Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I51338


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Boardman, Joseph Simeon  Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I18164
2 Camp, Lucy  Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT I57009


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Camp / Kellogg  17 Dec 1770Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT F21549
2 Camp / Kellogg  20 Apr 1847Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT F24655