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Salem, Utah, Utah, USA



Latitude: 40.053, Longitude: -111.6735

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Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hanks, Almira Sophronia  7 Feb 1884Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20411
2 Hanks, Charles Edward  27 Jan 1882Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20450
3 Hanks, Eliza Ann  23 Feb 1894Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20417
4 Hanks, Ellen Delina  15 Jan 1880Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20447
5 Hanks, Fanny Axelena  13 Mar 1887Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20414
6 Hanks, Francis Dewey  10 Sep 1898Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20331
7 Hanks, Henry  13 Feb 1892Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20416
8 Hanks, Juanita Matilda  17 May 1899Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I75123
9 Hanks, Juanita Matilda  17 May 1899Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I75150
10 Hanks, Lucinda Jane  14 Jan 1878Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20325
11 Hanks, Naomi Tryphena  29 Oct 1885Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20412
12 Hanks, Robert La Vern  8 Jun 1908Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I75121
13 Hanks, Robert Lavern  8 Jun 1908Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I75149
14 Hanks, Rosetta  30 Dec 1890Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20415
15 Hanks, Virgil Leroy  19 Nov 1901Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I75124
16 Hanks, Wilford Hyrum  5 Aug 1896Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20418


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hanks, Ellen Delina  26 Jun 1951Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20447
2 Hanks, Francis Dewey  21 May 1929Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20331
3 Hanks, Joseph Hyrum  31 Mar 1937Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20339
4 Hanks, Naomi Tryphena  26 Jan 1886Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20412
5 Jackman, Almira Sophronia  1 Apr 1931Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20340


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Hanks, Ellen Delina  Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20447
2 Hanks, Joseph Hyrum  3 Apr 1937Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20339
3 Jackman, Almira Sophronia  Apr 1931Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20340


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Hanks, Almira Sophronia  1900Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20411
2 Hanks, Charles Edward  1900Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20450
3 Hanks, Eliza Ann  1900Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20417
4 Hanks, Eliza Ann  1910Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20417
5 Hanks, Ellen Delina  1880Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20447
6 Hanks, Ellen Delina  1900Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20447
7 Hanks, Ellen Delina  1910Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20447
8 Hanks, Ellen Delina  1920Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20447
9 Hanks, Ellen Delina  1930Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20447
10 Hanks, Ellen Delina  1935Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20447
11 Hanks, Ellen Delina  1 Apr 1940Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20447
12 Hanks, Fanny Axelena  1900Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20414
13 Hanks, Fanny Axelena  1910Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20414
14 Hanks, Francis Dewey  1900Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20331
15 Hanks, Francis Dewey  1910Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20331
16 Hanks, Francis Dewey  1920Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20331
17 Hanks, Henry  1900Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20416
18 Hanks, Henry  1910Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20416
19 Hanks, Joseph Hyrum  1880Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20339
20 Hanks, Joseph Hyrum  1900Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20339
21 Hanks, Joseph Hyrum  1910Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20339
22 Hanks, Joseph Hyrum  1920Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20339
23 Hanks, Joseph Hyrum  1930Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20339
24 Hanks, Lucinda Jane  1880Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20325
25 Hanks, Naomi Tryphena  1900Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20412
26 Hanks, Rosetta  1900Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20415
27 Hanks, Wilford Hyrum  1900Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20418
28 Hanks, Wilford Hyrum  1910Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20418
29 Hanks, Wilford Hyrum  1920Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20418
30 Jackman, Almira Sophronia  1880Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20340
31 Jackman, Almira Sophronia  1900Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20340
32 Jackman, Almira Sophronia  1910Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20340
33 Jackman, Almira Sophronia  1920Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20340
34 Jackman, Almira Sophronia  1930Salem, Utah, Utah, USA I20340