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Pima, Graham Co., AZ



Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beal, Mabel Mary  16 Apr 1911Pima, Graham Co., AZ I55285
2 Boyle, Clay  23 Aug 1917Pima, Graham Co., AZ I48558
3 Boyle, George Lester  4 Jul 1889Pima, Graham Co., AZ I62077
4 Boyle, Leeta Virginia  28 Sep 1915Pima, Graham Co., AZ I43156
5 Carter, Edna Caroline  2 Apr 1885Pima, Graham Co., AZ I56981
6 Cluff, Alice Rebecca  20 May 1894Pima, Graham Co., AZ I43762
7 Cluff, Maria  4 Apr 1897Pima, Graham Co., AZ I50884
8 Cole, Christopher Hinson  11 Jun 1910Pima, Graham Co., AZ I39325
9 Eyring, Desere 'Dessie'  21 Jun 1915Pima, Graham Co., AZ I13784
10 Follett, Alwilde  9 Sep 1896Pima, Graham Co., AZ I37928
11 Follett, Francis  15 Jul 1899Pima, Graham Co., AZ I62647
12 Follett, Franklin  15 Jul 1899Pima, Graham Co., AZ I37866
13 Follett, Harvey Haws  6 Nov 1884Pima, Graham Co., AZ I39571
14 Follett, Lavera  27 Jul 1891Pima, Graham Co., AZ I37765
15 Follett, Leta  25 Apr 1894Pima, Graham Co., AZ I43116
16 Follett, Marvin Westley  8 Jun 1905Pima, Graham Co., AZ I56593
17 Follett, Ollie Albert  23 Mar 1909Pima, Graham Co., AZ I56388
18 Haws, Eva  8 Feb 1919Pima, Graham Co., AZ I5964
19 Haws, George Gilbert  31 Dec 1882Pima, Graham Co., AZ I70085
20 Haws, James Edgar  4 Nov 1912Pima, Graham Co., AZ I63920
21 Haws, Joseph Forest  19 Dec 1882Pima, Graham Co., AZ I26525
22 Haws, Lillian Rebecca  18 Oct 1880Pima, Graham Co., AZ I17945
23 Haws, Olis  14 May 1915Pima, Graham Co., AZ I43860
24 Haynie, Henry Hagen  9 Dec 1892Pima, Graham Co., AZ I62146
25 Haynie, Oswell Stewart  17 Dec 1917Pima, Graham Co., AZ I23392
26 Holladay, Lawrence Eugene  21 Jan 1894Pima, Graham Co., AZ I42732
27 Holladay, Morse Lines  15 Sep 1919Pima, Graham Co., AZ I44037
28 Lines, Rowena  25 Sep 1898Pima, Graham Co., AZ I42646
29 Nuttall, Maude  29 Jan 1897Pima, Graham Co., AZ I68421
30 Rogers, Charles Roseberry  2 Dec 1888Pima, Graham Co., AZ I32590


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Cluff, Maria  2 May 1897Pima, Graham Co., AZ I50884


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cluff, Alice Rebecca  8 Jan 1975Pima, Graham Co., AZ I43762
2 Follett, Francis  23 Sep 1899Pima, Graham Co., AZ I62647
3 Follett, Franklin  23 Sep 1899Pima, Graham Co., AZ I37866
4 Follett, Harvey Haws  25 Jun 1957Pima, Graham Co., AZ I39571
5 Follett, William Lamont  4 Feb 1941Pima, Graham Co., AZ I41747
6 Haws, Eva  8 Apr 1919Pima, Graham Co., AZ I5964
7 Haynie, Henry Hagen  21 Feb 1934Pima, Graham Co., AZ I62146
8 Holladay, Charles Eugene  Aft 19 Aug 1895Pima, Graham Co., AZ I44065
9 Mills, Barbara Belinda  30 Mar 1936Pima, Graham Co., AZ I19570


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cluff, Alice Rebecca  11 Jan 1975Pima, Graham Co., AZ I43762
2 Cluff, Mae  22 Oct 1990Pima, Graham Co., AZ I17057
3 Cluff, Susan Ann  11 Jun 1947Pima, Graham Co., AZ I28822
4 Craig, Emma Jane  7 Jul 1961Pima, Graham Co., AZ I33724
5 Follett, Harvey Haws  27 Jun 1957Pima, Graham Co., AZ I39571
6 Haws, Albert Moroni  Pima, Graham Co., AZ I13926
7 Haws, Gladys Marie  27 Mar 1973Pima, Graham Co., AZ I23390
8 Haws, Mary Angelina  Pima, Graham Co., AZ I69876
9 Haynie, Henry Hagen  23 Feb 1934Pima, Graham Co., AZ I62146
10 Holladay, Charles Eugene  Pima, Graham Co., AZ I44065
11 Holladay, Ethel Belinda  21 Dec 1960Pima, Graham Co., AZ I38821
12 Holladay, Lawrence Eugene  22 Jan 1993Pima, Graham Co., AZ I42732
13 Lines, Rowena  30 Dec 1992Pima, Graham Co., AZ I42646
14 Rogers, Charles Roseberry  17 Jan 1970Pima, Graham Co., AZ I32590


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Birdnow / Haws  28 Aug 1894Pima, Graham Co., AZ F4660
2 Follett / Cluff  5 Jun 1917Pima, Graham Co., AZ F13263
3 Follett / Craig  17 Jul 1917Pima, Graham Co., AZ F5999
4 Haws / Nuttall  16 Sep 1915Pima, Graham Co., AZ F23575
5 Haynie / Follett  30 Sep 1915Pima, Graham Co., AZ F20881
6 Holladay / Haws  12 Nov 1884Pima, Graham Co., AZ F14795
7 Mangum / Haws  Bef 1920Pima, Graham Co., AZ F23495
8 Sims / Holladay  29 Dec 1910Pima, Graham Co., AZ F23315