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Pennsylvania, USA



Latitude: 40.8583, Longitude: -76.3834


Matches 1 to 50 of 84

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anne  Abt 1851Pennsylvania, USA I75454
2 Besore, Catherine  24 Jun 1775Pennsylvania, USA I42779
3 Brown, Phoebe Green  18 Jun 1818Pennsylvania, USA I5659
4 Cherry, Peter E  Abt 1903Pennsylvania, USA I75619
5 Chivers, William J   I62960
6 Cole, Richard James Sr  23 Apr 1729Pennsylvania, USA I40412
7 Damuth, Barry W.   I76015
8 Etter, Abraham  1836Pennsylvania, USA I3472
9 Etter, Anna  Abt 1797Pennsylvania, USA I76523
10 Etter, Catharine (Catarina)  Abt 1774Pennsylvania, USA I3465
11 Etter, David  1844Pennsylvania, USA I67100
12 Etter, George  14 Apr 1801Pennsylvania, USA I27993
13 Etter, Jacob  1793Pennsylvania, USA I76528
14 Etter, Jacob  1828Pennsylvania, USA I40992
15 Etter, John  Abt 1791Pennsylvania, USA I76526
16 Etter, John W  1791Pennsylvania, USA I7451
17 Etter, Lydia  2 Feb 1788Pennsylvania, USA I76525
18 Etter, Mary  17 Dec 1792Pennsylvania, USA I76527
19 Etter, Mary Elizabeth  1870Pennsylvania, USA I22068
20 Etter, William  1834Pennsylvania, USA I39885
21 Evans, Mariah Matilda  13 Mar 1819Pennsylvania, USA I43791
22 Friday, Edith  Abt 1897Pennsylvania, USA I76324
23 Friday, Josephine  Dec 1893Pennsylvania, USA I76323
24 Friday, Lee R Jr.  Jun 1898Pennsylvania, USA I76322
25 Friday, Martha E  1895Pennsylvania, USA I76321
26 Good, Christian  7 Oct 1807Pennsylvania, USA I75546
27 Good, Christian  17 Jun 1845Pennsylvania, USA I76312
28 Good, John  1843Pennsylvania, USA I76311
29 Good, Lydia  12 Mar 1838Pennsylvania, USA I75452
30 Good, Lydia  17 Mar 1838Pennsylvania, USA I76235
31 Good, Mary  1842Pennsylvania, USA I76310
32 Green, Gretchen  1875Pennsylvania, USA I43330
33 Grove, Dade F  Abt 1865Pennsylvania, USA I76327
34 Hanna, Susan  Abt 1780Pennsylvania, USA I76336
35 Harness, Peter  1735Pennsylvania, USA I27601
36 Henry, John Franklin  24 Apr 1856Pennsylvania, USA I21233
37 Hodge, Edward Blanchard III  23 May 1906Pennsylvania, USA I9553
38 Leader, David George  28 Aug 1873Pennsylvania, USA I76238
39 Leader, Hettie  14 Jul 1870Pennsylvania, USA I76257
40 Leader, Walter Isaac  28 May 1885Pennsylvania, USA I75551
41 Melhorn, Albert Henry  Abt 1846Pennsylvania, USA I76339
42 Melhorn, Annie M  18 Dec 1853Pennsylvania, USA I76261
43 Melhorn, Cassie  Abt 1865Pennsylvania, USA I76271
44 Melhorn, Emma C.  Feb 1857Pennsylvania, USA I76308
45 Melhorn, Henry  May 1848Pennsylvania, USA I76270
46 Muir, Robert  Cal 1854Pennsylvania, USA I31216
47 Muir, Thomas Russell  May 1848Pennsylvania, USA I45989
48 Myers, Leah  Abt 1891Pennsylvania, USA I46174
49 Myers, Margaretta D  20 Dec 1895Pennsylvania, USA I3471
50 Myers, William Heyward III  7 Mar 1921Pennsylvania, USA I5111

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Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Besore, Catherine  30 Aug 1827Pennsylvania, USA I42779
2 Besore, Catherine  6 Aug 1854Pennsylvania, USA I51863
3 Cranston, Eliza  30 Nov 1832Pennsylvania, USA I76331
4 Etter, Gideon  1923Pennsylvania, USA I51593
5 Etter, Hans Rudolf  Pennsylvania, USA I28658
6 Etter, Katie H  11 Mar 1896Pennsylvania, USA I26475
7 Etter, Lawrence Jr.  9 Nov 1853Pennsylvania, USA I16476
8 Etter, Mary  13 Mar 1847Pennsylvania, USA I76527
9 Hanna, Susan  Abt 1880Pennsylvania, USA I76336
10 Melhorn, Henry  Abt 1880Pennsylvania, USA I76335
11 Watts, Frederick  17 Aug 1889Pennsylvania, USA I76330
12 Zorger, Mary Harriet  1847Pennsylvania, USA I75547
13 Zorger, Mary Harriet  1847Pennsylvania, USA I76274


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Etter / Besore  1782Pennsylvania, USA F17029
2 Etter / Cassel  2 Nov 1843Pennsylvania, USA F16220
3 Etter / Leichtman  Dec 1760Pennsylvania, USA F15691
4 Etter / Read  Bef 1870Pennsylvania, USA F24065
5 Kunkel / Spangler  1812Pennsylvania, USA F52526
6 Montgomery / Miller  Pennsylvania, USA F17447
7 Poff /   1867Pennsylvania, USA F19657
8 Read / Watts  Abt 1833Pennsylvania, USA F52527