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Orange, New Haven Co., CT


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andrew, Elizabeth  1800Orange, New Haven Co., CT I47223
2 Andrew, Huldah  1804Orange, New Haven Co., CT I47224
3 Andrew, Laura  1 Jan 1811Orange, New Haven Co., CT I47225
4 Buckingham, Joseph  1 Jul 1730Orange, New Haven Co., CT I48213
5 Camp, Sarah  23 Jul 1791Orange, New Haven Co., CT I49313
6 Camp, Syble  1 May 1795Orange, New Haven Co., CT I49366
7 Fenn, Nathan  1749Orange, New Haven Co., CT I49878
8 Mallett, Ann  3 Mar 1765Orange, New Haven Co., CT I50389
9 Mallett, Avis   I50390
10 Mallett, Betsey  9 Feb 1801Orange, New Haven Co., CT I50373
11 Mallett, Daniel  11 May 1790Orange, New Haven Co., CT I50374
12 Mallett, Fowler  2 Sep 1808Orange, New Haven Co., CT I50361
13 Mallett, Isaac   I50364
14 Mallett, Lewis  27 May 1796Orange, New Haven Co., CT I50391
15 Mallett, Lucy  Mar 1765Orange, New Haven Co., CT I50396
16 Mallett, Lucy  3 Apr 1803Orange, New Haven Co., CT I50397
17 Mallett, Luke  3 Apr 1803Orange, New Haven Co., CT I50399
18 Mallett, Maria  20 Dec 1791Orange, New Haven Co., CT I50400
19 Mallett, Mary   I50353
20 Mallett, Mary Ann  18 Oct 1793Orange, New Haven Co., CT I50352
21 Mallett, Miles  6 Nov 1762Orange, New Haven Co., CT I50357
22 Mallett, Miles  7 Jul 1798Orange, New Haven Co., CT I50358
23 Mallett, Peter  1775Orange, New Haven Co., CT I50359
24 Mallett, Sally  13 Aug 1788Orange, New Haven Co., CT I50422
25 Miles, Eliphal   I50495
26 Miles, Mary Ann  9 Jan 1767Orange, New Haven Co., CT I50542
27 Miles, Sarah  1757Orange, New Haven Co., CT I50550
28 Miles, Theophilus  1760Orange, New Haven Co., CT I50524
29 Platt, Asa  19 Mar 1769Orange, New Haven Co., CT I51019
30 Platt, Gideon  1757Orange, New Haven Co., CT I51060
31 Platt, Mehitable  5 Mar 1762Orange, New Haven Co., CT I51062
32 Platt, Susannah  17 Mar 1794Orange, New Haven Co., CT I51088
33 Rogers, Jonah  21 Dec 1808Orange, New Haven Co., CT I51222
34 Rogers, Jonathan Treat  2 Sep 1806Orange, New Haven Co., CT I51223
35 Rogers, Julia  27 Sep 1804Orange, New Haven Co., CT I51226
36 Rogers, Mary Elizabeth  19 Nov 1809Orange, New Haven Co., CT I51227
37 Smith, Keturah  24 Sep 1772Orange, New Haven Co., CT I51430
38 Stone, Clark  14 Aug 1830Orange, New Haven Co., CT I51568
39 Stone, Frederick Stowe  2 Jul 1832Orange, New Haven Co., CT I51572
40 Stone, Joseph Philemon   I51577
41 Stone, Julia Ann   I51578
42 Stone, Mary Elvira   I51592
43 Stone, Sarah Emily   I51597
44 Stone, Sybil Jane   I51583
45 Treat, Esther  26 Sep 1789Orange, New Haven Co., CT I51832
46 Treat, Isaac  18 Apr 1795Orange, New Haven Co., CT I51838
47 Treat, Jireh  23 Jun 1794Orange, New Haven Co., CT I51801
48 Treat, Jonathan  9 Jul 1800Orange, New Haven Co., CT I51803
49 Treat, Mehitable  11 Nov 1786Orange, New Haven Co., CT I51774
50 Treat, Nathan  29 Dec 1799Orange, New Haven Co., CT I51776

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Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Mallett, Betsey  24 May 1801Orange, New Haven Co., CT I50373
2 Mallett, Fowler  16 Jul 1809Orange, New Haven Co., CT I50361
3 Mallett, Lewis  7 Aug 1796Orange, New Haven Co., CT I50391
4 Mallett, Luke  17 Jul 1803Orange, New Haven Co., CT I50399
5 Mallett, Phebe  16 Jul 1809Orange, New Haven Co., CT I50421


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Rogers, Jonathan  20 Mar 1821Orange, New Haven Co., CT I51224


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Gunn, Susannah  Orange, New Haven Co., CT I49956
2 Treat, Jonathan  Orange, New Haven Co., CT I51802


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Stone, Clark  17 Oct 1830Orange, New Haven Co., CT I51568
2 Stone, Julia Ann   I51578
3 Stone, Mary Elvira   I51592
4 Stone, Sarah Emily   I51597
5 Stone, Sybil Jane   I51583


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Newton / Russell  30 Oct 1808Orange, New Haven Co., CT F17861
2 Peck / Camp  Orange, New Haven Co., CT F17911