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North Carolina, USA



Latitude: 35.175, Longitude: -79.125


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Daniel, Ellen Christian  20 Nov 1820North Carolina, USA I59380
2 Daniel, Thomas Chesley  1832North Carolina, USA I24169
3 Daniel, Woodson  19 Mar 1776North Carolina, USA I44440
4 Earle, Eliza B  24 Feb 1836North Carolina, USA I71669
5 Earle, Louisa  1835North Carolina, USA I61690
6 Earle, Lucy  1 Jan 1786North Carolina, USA I46273
7 Earle, William  1794North Carolina, USA I65504
8 England, Nancy  Abt 1804North Carolina, USA I40993
9 Greene, Sarah  Abt 1790North Carolina, USA I48649
10 Harris, Jesse S.  Abt 1788North Carolina, USA I19551
11 Howard, Artelia A.  2 Apr 1828North Carolina, USA I75394
12 Howard, John G.  1813North Carolina, USA I75388
13 Ledbetter, Benjamin Franklin  Cal 1815North Carolina, USA I21871
14 Ledbetter, Washington  1779North Carolina, USA I45628
15 Marberry, John  1769North Carolina, USA I66718
16 Marberry, John  Abt 1783North Carolina, USA I48124
17 Marberry, John  Dec 1819North Carolina, USA I7922
18 Marberry, Robert Green  2 Dec 1809North Carolina, USA I2649
19 Marbury, Francis Jr  7 May 1781North Carolina, USA I22850
20 Marbury, Josiah H  1804North Carolina, USA I7243
21 Marbury, Leonard W  1793North Carolina, USA I71511
22 Marbury, Nancy  1787North Carolina, USA I47973
23 Mebane, Julia P  1829North Carolina, USA I27078
24 Moore, Clarissa Susan  25 Aug 1806North Carolina, USA I71983
25 Overton, David  1768North Carolina, USA I30826
26 Payne, Hosea  Abt 1867North Carolina, USA I54632
27 Robinson, Kiziah  1810North Carolina, USA I7528
28 Rounsavall, David  1765North Carolina, USA I7425
29 Rounsavall, Jane  4 Nov 1770North Carolina, USA I11824
30 Rudd, Nancy A  Jun 1830North Carolina, USA I41135
31 Snow, Martha Francis  Abt 1872North Carolina, USA I47740
32 Snow, William Mallory "Mal"  9 Mar 1866North Carolina, USA I4632
33 Swanson, Rebecca E  8 Jul 1832North Carolina, USA I18839
34 Webb, Mary Susie  23 Jan 1774North Carolina, USA I48732
35 Williams, Adaline  Abt 1789North Carolina, USA I48608
36 Yancey, Bartlett  Abt 1805North Carolina, USA I51267
37 Yancey, James  1773North Carolina, USA I47261
38 Yancey, James Monroe  18 Sep 1797North Carolina, USA I31769
39 Yancey, Layton  1785North Carolina, USA I47260
40 Yancey, Margarette E.  28 Aug 1801North Carolina, USA I9566
41 Yancey, Nancy J  Abt 1790North Carolina, USA I31768
42 Yancey, Thomas  Abt 1807North Carolina, USA I51268
43 Yancey, Thornton  1771North Carolina, USA I51032
44 Yancey, Wiley  1771North Carolina, USA I32939
45 Yancey, William  1766North Carolina, USA I32481


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alston, John Joseph  1 Apr 1831North Carolina, USA I169
2 Bryant, Mary  1744North Carolina, USA I8262
3 Fontaine, Judith  North Carolina, USA I60540
4 Fontaine, Mary  1765North Carolina, USA I22128
5 Greene, Sarah  North Carolina, USA I48649
6 Meador, Frances  1800North Carolina, USA I67331
7 Overton, Mary  1790North Carolina, USA I47196
8 Trowbridge, Mary  3 Dec 1774North Carolina, USA I12802
9 Yancey, Mildred Ann  Bef 1856North Carolina, USA I14069
10 Yancey, Winifred  1779/1850North Carolina, USA I43349
11 Yeargain, Samuel  24 Dec 1784North Carolina, USA I64900


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Daniel / Milton  1820North Carolina, USA F14908
2 Howard / Graves  1791North Carolina, USA F27417
3 Woods / Woods  1744North Carolina, USA F52439