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Newington, Hartford Co., CT



Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boardman, Richard  1684Newington, Hartford Co., CT I46966
2 Francis, Lydia  16 Nov 1805Newington, Hartford Co., CT I26484
3 Gaylord, Lucy Ann  1817Newington, Hartford Co., CT I7638
4 Kellogg, Mary  18 Apr 1743Newington, Hartford Co., CT I29808
5 Kellogg, Mary Welles  11 Apr 1819Newington, Hartford Co., CT I29811
6 Lowery, Lucy  1751Newington, Hartford Co., CT I60915
7 Robbins, Abigail  18 Apr 1775Newington, Hartford Co., CT I37776
8 Robbins, David Lowery  9 Jun 1793Newington, Hartford Co., CT I37775
9 Robbins, Martin  4 Mar 1796Newington, Hartford Co., CT I37778
10 Robbins, Mary  17 Oct 1784Newington, Hartford Co., CT I37777
11 Robbins, Prudence  23 Jan 1767Newington, Hartford Co., CT I22492
12 Robbins, Unni  Nov 1765Newington, Hartford Co., CT I65191
13 Robbins, Unni  23 Mar 1799Newington, Hartford Co., CT I6460
14 Stanley, Thirza  2 Apr 1801Newington, Hartford Co., CT I7322
15 Welles, Abigail  30 Oct 1825Newington, Hartford Co., CT I9247
16 Welles, Charlotte Jemima  20 Dec 1820Newington, Hartford Co., CT I59173
17 Welles, Edwin  29 Mar 1818Newington, Hartford Co., CT I11010
18 Welles, Electa Stanley  15 Aug 1832Newington, Hartford Co., CT I59168
19 Welles, Frances Norton  12 Aug 1816Newington, Hartford Co., CT I59169
20 Welles, Julia  5 Mar 1823Newington, Hartford Co., CT I64188
21 Welles, Martin  7 Dec 1787Newington, Hartford Co., CT I64183
22 Welles, Mary  13 Feb 1789Newington, Hartford Co., CT I5156
23 Welles, Roger  10 Aug 1790Newington, Hartford Co., CT I5163
24 Welles, Roger  7 Mar 1829Newington, Hartford Co., CT I5166
25 Welles, Sarah  1796Newington, Hartford Co., CT I5165


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Camp, Joseph  8 Jun 1845Newington, Hartford Co., CT I24260
2 Camp, Lydia  8 Jun 1845Newington, Hartford Co., CT I11884
3 Gaylord, Joseph  2 Oct 1825Newington, Hartford Co., CT I31459
4 Robbins, Abigail  30 Apr 1775Newington, Hartford Co., CT I37776
5 Robbins, Mary  24 Oct 1784Newington, Hartford Co., CT I37777
6 Robbins, Prudence  7 Feb 1767Newington, Hartford Co., CT I22492
7 Robbins, Unni  1 Dec 1765Newington, Hartford Co., CT I65191
8 Welles, Abigail  4 Jun 1826Newington, Hartford Co., CT I9247
9 Welles, Charlotte  14 Jul 1793Newington, Hartford Co., CT I59174
10 Welles, Charlotte Jemima  19 Aug 1821Newington, Hartford Co., CT I59173
11 Welles, Edwin  19 Aug 1821Newington, Hartford Co., CT I11010
12 Welles, Electa Stanley  23 Jun 1833Newington, Hartford Co., CT I59168
13 Welles, Frances Norton  19 Aug 1821Newington, Hartford Co., CT I59169
14 Welles, Julia  6 Jul 1823Newington, Hartford Co., CT I64188
15 Welles, Martin  27 Jan 1788Newington, Hartford Co., CT I64183
16 Welles, Mary  5 Apr 1789Newington, Hartford Co., CT I5156
17 Welles, Roger  26 Sep 1790Newington, Hartford Co., CT I5163
18 Welles, Roger  12 Jul 1829Newington, Hartford Co., CT I5166
19 Welles, Sarah  15 Feb 1796Newington, Hartford Co., CT I5165


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Camp, Eleanor  Newington, Hartford Co., CT I74533
2 Camp, Joseph  Newington, Hartford Co., CT I64068
3 Francis, Lydia  Newington, Hartford Co., CT I26484


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bates / Robbins   F22389
2 Camp / Francis  23 Jan 1833Newington, Hartford Co., CT F21525
3 Gaylord / Camp  16 Mar 1813Newington, Hartford Co., CT F10440
4 Kellogg / Boardman   F9913
5 Robbins / Kellogg  14 Jan 1765Newington, Hartford Co., CT F7419
6 Robbins / Lowery  4 Nov 1791Newington, Hartford Co., CT F21933