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Newark, Essex Co., NJ



Latitude: 40.7356570, Longitude: -74.1723667


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elinore   I61860
2 Mehitable   I35559
3 Baldwin, Aaron  1719Newark, Essex Co., NJ I61859
4 Baldwin, Benjamin  1680Newark, Essex Co., NJ I70715
5 Baldwin, Caleb  1718Newark, Essex Co., NJ I66944
6 Baldwin, Elizabeth  1673Newark, Essex Co., NJ I73749
7 Baldwin, Elnathan  1687Newark, Essex Co., NJ I73745
8 Baldwin, Esther  1720Newark, Essex Co., NJ I66942
9 Baldwin, James   I61858
10 Baldwin, Jeremiah  1695Newark, Essex Co., NJ I66945
11 Baldwin, Jonathan  1674Newark, Essex Co., NJ I73846
12 Baldwin, Jonathan  1691Newark, Essex Co., NJ I73740
13 Baldwin, Joseph  1676Newark, Essex Co., NJ I3412
14 Baldwin, Joseph  1684Newark, Essex Co., NJ I73744
15 Baldwin, Mary  1724Newark, Essex Co., NJ I3307
16 Baldwin, Nathaniel  1690Newark, Essex Co., NJ I73739
17 Baldwin, Nehemiah  1722Newark, Essex Co., NJ I66943
18 Baldwin, Ruth  1687Newark, Essex Co., NJ I73746
19 Baldwin, Samuel  14 Mar 1673Newark, Essex Co., NJ I73743
20 Baldwin, Samuel  1706Newark, Essex Co., NJ I53009
21 Baldwin, Sarah  1672Newark, Essex Co., NJ I3411
22 Baldwin, Stephen  1707Newark, Essex Co., NJ I52932
23 Baldwin, Timothy  1689Newark, Essex Co., NJ I73741
24 Beach, Hannah   I35560
25 Burr, Aaron  6 Feb 1756Newark, Essex Co., NJ I47570
26 Camp, Samuel  1669Newark, Essex Co., NJ I25629
27 Crane, Azariah  1 May 1682Newark, Essex Co., NJ I17546
28 Guerin, Susanna  1714Newark, Essex Co., NJ I73795
29 Kitchell, Susannah  1680Newark, Essex Co., NJ I3398
30 Lyon, John  1665Newark, Essex Co., NJ I3301
31 Tichenor, Daniel  1703Newark, Essex Co., NJ I30578
32 Tichenor, Joseph  1690Newark, Essex Co., NJ I35569


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Mary  1729Newark, Essex Co., NJ I25632
2 Baldwin, Aaron  1764Newark, Essex Co., NJ I61859
3 Baldwin, Benjamin  1726Newark, Essex Co., NJ I30629
4 Baldwin, Elnathan  1738Newark, Essex Co., NJ I73745
5 Baldwin, Esther  1776Newark, Essex Co., NJ I66942
6 Baldwin, Jeremiah  1778Newark, Essex Co., NJ I66945
7 Baldwin, John  1706Newark, Essex Co., NJ I66870
8 Baldwin, John  1739Newark, Essex Co., NJ I73748
9 Baldwin, John  1773Newark, Essex Co., NJ I25608
10 Baldwin, Jonathan  1726Newark, Essex Co., NJ I73740
11 Baldwin, Joseph  1776Newark, Essex Co., NJ I73744
12 Baldwin, Joseph  1776Newark, Essex Co., NJ I73841
13 Baldwin, Nathaniel  1750Newark, Essex Co., NJ I73739
14 Baldwin, Nehemiah  28 Nov 1765Newark, Essex Co., NJ I66943
15 Baldwin, Ruth  1717Newark, Essex Co., NJ I73746
16 Baldwin, Samuel  1734Newark, Essex Co., NJ I73743
17 Baldwin, Stephen  1783Newark, Essex Co., NJ I52932
18 Baldwin, Timothy  1739Newark, Essex Co., NJ I73741
19 Ball, Rebecca  1773Newark, Essex Co., NJ I35558
20 Bottsford, Ruth  Newark, Essex Co., NJ I25501
21 Bruen, Elizabeth  1746Newark, Essex Co., NJ I3303
22 Camp, Dorcas  1765Newark, Essex Co., NJ I35563
23 Camp, Samuel  28 Sep 1744Newark, Essex Co., NJ I25629
24 Camp, William  1700Newark, Essex Co., NJ I3350
25 Crane, Azariah  1753Newark, Essex Co., NJ I17546
26 Lyon, John  1694Newark, Essex Co., NJ I3301
27 Prince, Rebecca  15 Jun 1739Newark, Essex Co., NJ I51208
28 Smith, Mary  Newark, Essex Co., NJ I3347


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baldwin / Ball  1733Newark, Essex Co., NJ F17728
2 Baldwin / Kitchell  1710Newark, Essex Co., NJ F23800
3 Baldwin / Sargeant   F10176
4 Camp /   1695Newark, Essex Co., NJ F8469
5 Crane / Prince  1706Newark, Essex Co., NJ F5828
6 Parkhurst / Baldwin  1740Newark, Essex Co., NJ F11914
7 Tichenor / Baldwin  1690Newark, Essex Co., NJ F1105
8 Tichenor / Guerin  1736Newark, Essex Co., NJ F10159