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New York, New York



Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Zakel, Richard Paul  24 Dec 1899New York, New York I60385


Matches 1 to 50 of 132

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Abel, Peter  10 Nov 1852New York, New York I53140
2 Adams, Fontaine DeWitt  26 Aug 1922New York, New York I32261
3 Anderson, Chandler Parsons Jr.  11 May 1923New York, New York I50508
4 Arthur, Chester Alan Jr  29 Jan 1929New York, New York I44171
5 Baldwin, Alexander Rae Jr.  1 Sep 1933New York, New York I36126
6 Ball, Lucille Désirée  11 Feb 1932New York, New York I75384
7 Ball, Lucille Désirée  29 Sep 1935New York, New York I75384
8 Becker, Heinrich Hermann Louis Karl Georg  13 Sep 1867New York, New York I35233
9 Blow, Adele Margaret  8 Jun 1928New York, New York I35525
10 Blow, Adele Margaret  9 Jul 1931New York, New York I35525
11 Boyles, Virginia  19 Aug 1929New York, New York I53354
12 Breckinridge, Mary Dudley  16 Sep 1929New York, New York I22062
13 Chatfield-Taylor, Adelaide  1 Oct 1910New York, New York I3519
14 Chatfield-Taylor, Hobart  23 Oct 1926New York, New York I18918
15 Chatfield-Taylor, Hobart  4 Sep 1928New York, New York I18918
16 Chatfield-Taylor, Otis  13 Apr 1926New York, New York I65788
17 Chatfield-Taylor, Robert Farwell  23 Sep 1922New York, New York I67758
18 Chatfield-Taylor, Wayne  29 Nov 1928New York, New York I6281
19 Chatfield-Taylor, Wayne  10 May 1929New York, New York I6281
20 Currier, Guy Wilbur Jr.  21 Sep 1913New York, New York I64136
21 Currier, Guy Wilbur Jr.  2 Aug 1925New York, New York I64136
22 Currier, Guy Wilbur Jr.  15 Mar 1929New York, New York I64136
23 Cutts, Alice Gertrude  23 Jul 1928New York, New York I334
24 Cutts, Alice Gertrude  5 Aug 1932New York, New York I334
25 Cutts, Alice M.  3 Oct 1922New York, New York I39001
26 Cutts, Richard Malcolm II  13 Nov 1918New York, New York I46886
27 Cutts, Richard Malcolm III  26 Sep 1922New York, New York I1573
28 Cutts, Richard Malcolm II  18 May 1931New York, New York I46886
29 De Koven, Ethel LeRoy  30 Jul 1908New York, New York I6954
30 De Koven, Ethel LeRoy  19 Apr 1911New York, New York I6954
31 De Koven, Ethel LeRoy  12 Feb 1926New York, New York I6954
32 De Koven, Ethel LeRoy  3 Aug 1926New York, New York I6954
33 De Koven, Ethel LeRoy  20 Nov 1928New York, New York I6954
34 De Koven, Ethel LeRoy  14 Dec 1931New York, New York I6954
35 De Koven, Ethel LeRoy  6 Sep 1932New York, New York I6954
36 De Koven, Ethel LeRoy  29 May 1933New York, New York I6954
37 De Koven, Ethel LeRoy  5 Mar 1937New York, New York I6954
38 de Koven, Henry Louis Reginald  4 Apr 1916New York, New York I39723
39 Disston, Elizabeth Sergeant  7 Oct 1929New York, New York I72415
40 Douglas, James Henderson Jr.  24 Sep 1933New York, New York I12990
41 Earle, Mary Janet  17 Feb 1932New York, New York I30157
42 Etter, Charles Brubecker  17 May 1926New York, New York I72794
43 Farwell, Anna  4 Apr 1916New York, New York I49385
44 Farwell, Anna  1 Jul 1921New York, New York I49385
45 Farwell, Anna  26 Sep 1922New York, New York I49385
46 Farwell, Anna  14 Dec 1925New York, New York I49385
47 Farwell, Anna  22 Nov 1927New York, New York I49385
48 Farwell, Anna  24 Jun 1937New York, New York I49385
49 Farwell, Grace  20 Apr 1926New York, New York I50931
50 Farwell, Rose  14 Apr 1913New York, New York I57331

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Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Departure    Person ID 
1 Hedges, John Cutts  19 Dec 1931New York, New York I64001
2 Lane, Dorothea  14 Aug 1930New York, New York I38438
3 Meigs, John Forsyth II  14 Jan 1925New York, New York I27490
4 Williams, Phillip  May 1937New York, New York I21605


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Cutts, Charles Heywood  1942New York, New York I39092
2 Winston, Garrard Bigelow  1942New York, New York I9902


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hudson / De Koven  18 Jan 1911New York, New York F12404