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Muskingum, OH



Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Langstaff, Alice  Dec 1881Muskingum, OH I2352
2 Langstaff, Bertha  Abt 1878Muskingum, OH I2353
3 Langstaff, Brown Franklin  6 Nov 1847Muskingum, OH I29556
4 Langstaff, Daisy C.  1887Muskingum, OH I2357
5 Langstaff, David E.  Abt 1840Muskingum, OH I29552
6 Langstaff, Dolly N.  Nov 1885Muskingum, OH I2350
7 Langstaff, Elizabeth  17 Oct 1828Muskingum, OH I2429
8 Langstaff, Elmus Wheaton  24 Jan 1831Muskingum, OH I36860
9 Langstaff, Emma C.  Abt 1862Muskingum, OH I72871
10 Langstaff, Henry Clay  18 Mar 1816Muskingum, OH I2436
11 Langstaff, Ida May  Abt 1864Muskingum, OH I72862
12 Langstaff, John E.  1870Muskingum, OH I72860
13 Langstaff, John Lewis  14 Jun 1841Muskingum, OH I29557
14 Langstaff, Judson  2 Sep 1867Muskingum, OH I72863
15 Langstaff, Lana Ann  1852Muskingum, OH I68125
16 Langstaff, Leonidas Salvanus  1 Feb 1845Muskingum, OH I29558
17 Langstaff, Leslie O.  1893Muskingum, OH I2356
18 Langstaff, Lewis  8 Aug 1821Muskingum, OH I2430
19 Langstaff, Malinda  Abt 1838Muskingum, OH I36866
20 Langstaff, Margaret  3 Dec 1823Muskingum, OH I2431
21 Langstaff, Martha A.  Abt 1846Muskingum, OH I29555
22 Langstaff, Mary L.  Jan 1884Muskingum, OH I2351
23 Langstaff, Melissa E.  Abt 1863Muskingum, OH I56010
24 Langstaff, Merle Ray  25 Mar 1896Muskingum, OH I2355
25 Langstaff, Millard F.  27 Aug 1855Muskingum, OH I72870
26 Langstaff, Rachel C.  25 Nov 1849Muskingum, OH I34495
27 Langstaff, Samuel Anon  3 May 1826Muskingum, OH I2428
28 Langstaff, Sarah Ann  8 Jul 1819Muskingum, OH I2437
29 Langstaff, Thomas P.  1861Muskingum, OH I56020
30 Langstaff, William A.  Abt 1854Muskingum, OH I68126
31 Langstaff, William G.  Oct 1864Muskingum, OH I56011
32 Norman, Elizabeth Jane  Mar 1832Muskingum, OH I36861


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hunt, Lina  1934Muskingum, OH I56015
2 Langstaff, Asa  28 May 1864Muskingum, OH I36726
3 Langstaff, Daisy C.  21 May 1906Muskingum, OH I2357
4 Langstaff, Donald  Sep 1973Muskingum, OH I3498
5 Langstaff, Leslie O.  1937Muskingum, OH I2356
6 Langstaff, Merle Ray  29 Oct 1948Muskingum, OH I2355
7 Langstaff, Sarah E.  7 Oct 1931Muskingum, OH I24492
8 Langstaff, Thomas P.  1935Muskingum, OH I56020
9 Perry, Lucy Jane  19 Feb 1907Muskingum, OH I2432


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hensley / Langstaff  25 Dec 1845Muskingum, OH F827
2 Langstaff / Dixon  1 Sep 1831Muskingum, OH F12302
3 Langstaff / Flescher  6 Feb 1834Muskingum, OH F20377
4 Langstaff / Hall  Abt 1836Muskingum, OH F828
5 Langstaff / Hunt  12 Apr 1877Muskingum, OH F8106
6 Langstaff / Magingo  4 May 1861Muskingum, OH F9831
7 Langstaff / Norman  17 Aug 1851Muskingum, OH F12348
8 Langstaff / Perry  27 Sep 1846Muskingum, OH F825
9 Langstaff / Rhodes  2 Nov 1834Muskingum, OH F20376
10 Langstaff / Wintermute  27 Aug 1840Muskingum, OH F829
11 Martin / Langstaff  8 Feb 1872Muskingum, OH F18737