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Lagrange, Troup Co., GA


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Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dallis, Clara  1 Jun 1880Lagrange, Troup Co., GA I63347
2 Fleming, Lucile  19 Nov 1888Lagrange, Troup Co., GA I33379
3 Fleming, Mary George  31 Jan 1885Lagrange, Troup Co., GA I33378
4 Fleming, Olin Butler  29 Nov 1881Lagrange, Troup Co., GA I33376
5 Turner, Achsah Fontaine  20 Dec 1841Lagrange, Troup Co., GA I21913
6 Turner, Alice Johnson  1 Jan 1880Lagrange, Troup Co., GA I63449
7 Turner, Ann America  19 Aug 1846Lagrange, Troup Co., GA I21910
8 Turner, Annie  1 Mar 1890Lagrange, Troup Co., GA I63431
9 Turner, Frank Coker  3 Apr 1878Lagrange, Troup Co., GA I63448
10 Turner, James Fontaine  Dec 1882Lagrange, Troup Co., GA I63450
11 Turner, Maria Mergin  1850Lagrange, Troup Co., GA I63447
12 Turner, Mary Fontaine  1 Jul 1892Lagrange, Troup Co., GA I63474
13 Turner, Mattie Coker  24 May 1899Lagrange, Troup Co., GA I63465
14 Turner, Sterling Grimes  14 Jan 1840Lagrange, Troup Co., GA I63441
15 Turner, Sterling Grimes  16 Sep 1876Lagrange, Troup Co., GA I21912
16 Turner, William Edwin  26 Jul 1894Lagrange, Troup Co., GA I63463
17 Turner, William Weaver  19 Jun 1844Lagrange, Troup Co., GA I21911


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Artley, John Darwin  16 Dec 1990Lagrange, Troup Co., GA I33392
2 Coker, Mattie Hutchins  30 Sep 1927Lagrange, Troup Co., GA I63446
3 Dallis, Clara  10 Jun 1911Lagrange, Troup Co., GA I63347
4 Faver, John Darwin  8 Jan 1959Lagrange, Troup Co., GA I63466
5 Fleming, Marcus Lafayette  29 Jan 1903Lagrange, Troup Co., GA I33372
6 Fleming, Olin Butler  14 Apr 1952Lagrange, Troup Co., GA I33376
7 Flournoy, Arthur Lamar  1 Apr 2001LaGrange, Troup Co., GA I63854
8 Flournoy, Louis Andrew Jackson  19 Jan 1960LaGrange, Troup Co., GA I63730
9 Gregory, Elsie  5 Feb 1973Lagrange, Troup Co., GA I26333
10 Turner, Alice Johnson  6 Mar 1904Lagrange, Troup Co., GA I63449
11 Turner, James Madison  26 Jun 1886Lagrange, Troup Co., GA I21909
12 Turner, Maria Mergin  1850Lagrange, Troup Co., GA I63447
13 Turner, William Weaver  5 Apr 1928Lagrange, Troup Co., GA I21911


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cooper / Fleming   F12335
2 Faver / Turner  1 Jun 1921Lagrange, Troup Co., GA F21868
3 Finch / Turner  17 Jul 1914Lagrange, Troup Co., GA F21870
4 Fleming / Robertson   F12330
5 Hightower / Turner  14 Jun 1911Lagrange, Troup Co., GA F21858
6 Marsh / Turner  20 Oct 1868Lagrange, Troup Co., GA F21862
7 Turner / Coker  2 Sep 1875Lagrange, Troup Co., GA F8331
8 Turner / Dallis  20 Apr 1904Lagrange, Troup Co., GA F8333