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Illinois, USA



Latitude: 39.7333, Longitude: -88.5


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Katherine  1888Illinois, USA I3035
2 Margaret  Cal 1818Illinois, USA I20476
3 Addy, Martha  21 Dec 1815Illinois, USA I25671
4 Auzerais, Dorothy  May 1908Illinois, USA I39012
5 Bartlett, Florence Louvenals  5 Sep 1869Illinois, USA I33513
6 Bartlett, Mary  1 Sep 1846Illinois, USA I44207
7 Birnbaum, Elizabeth Lizzie  May 1860Illinois, USA I63061
8 Boyles, Malinda M  1 Aug 1850Illinois, USA I39642
9 Canoy, Ida Mae  1 Sep 1891Illinois, USA I76028
10 Deans, Ida May  30 Jun 1868Illinois, USA I28529
11 Evans, Byron Vivian  24 Jul 1858Illinois, USA I22421
12 Evans, Caroline  Abt 1847Illinois, USA I57994
13 Evans, Isaiah  Jan 1846Illinois, USA I29125
14 Evans, James T  1849Illinois, USA I44255
15 Evans, Jane  1860Illinois, USA I59488
16 Evans, Jonathan C  1841Illinois, USA I21910
17 Evans, Mary D  1861Illinois, USA I44340
18 Evans, Michael A  1856Illinois, USA I58330
19 Evans, Theophilus  9 Nov 1858Illinois, USA I2700
20 Evans, Thomas  Dec 1852Illinois, USA I58328
21 Farwell, Grace  18 Apr 1866Illinois, USA I50931
22 Farwell, Robert  Mar 1870Illinois, USA I11699
23 Harrison, Lillian Gorham  Aug 1890Illinois, USA I24573
24 Huffmaster, Mildred Grace  25 Nov 1910Illinois, USA I48671
25 Latch, Darrell W.  13 Nov 1924Illinois, USA I10431
26 Latch, Susan  27 Nov 1886Illinois, USA I43852
27 Louis, Elizabeth  1834Illinois, USA I6022
28 McCune, Hortense  Nov 1858Illinois, USA I3805
29 McGann, Farwell Benson  1892Illinois, USA I378
30 McGann, Grace Farwell  3 Nov 1907Illinois, USA I35556
31 McNeal, Andrew  1852Illinois, USA I22562
32 McNeal, Richard "Dick"  Jan 1861Illinois, USA I74855
33 Renick, Maranda Nealea  1838Illinois, USA I58720
34 Renick, Matilda Sasion  1838Illinois, USA I60416
35 Scully, Brian C.   I50511
36 Scully, Constance L   I50507
37 Scully, John Chase Jr.  17 Oct 1907Illinois, USA I64135
38 Skimming, Edith Eyre  15 Apr 1917Illinois, USA I75355
39 Treece, George Washington  4 Jul 1855Illinois, USA I76103
40 Van Meter, Nancie Taylor  11 Sep 1873Illinois, USA I72239
41 Williams, Robert Yoe  23 May 1900Illinois, USA I56941
42 Winston, Mervyn  Nov 1879Illinois, USA I72477


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Addy, Martha  1 Aug 1847Illinois, USA I25671
2 Bartlett, Florence Louvenals  22 Aug 1870Illinois, USA I33513
3 Biggs, Melinda A  17 Sep 1892Illinois, USA I47026
4 Dawson, Mary Paulina  1861Illinois, USA I33189
5 Donaldson, Elinor Thompson  7 Dec 1990Illinois, USA I39886
6 Etter, Jacob H  7 Feb 1958Illinois, USA I67250
7 Etter, Minnie  12 Sep 1949Illinois, USA I68353
8 McGann, Grace Farwell  1 Feb 1949Illinois, USA I35556
9 Miles, Anna  7 Jan 1893Illinois, USA I56345
10 Perkins, Lucy A.  Illinois, USA I51755
11 Taylor, Mary  1830Illinois, USA I54880
12 Winston, Charles Farwell  13 Nov 1964Illinois, USA I307