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Elbert Co., GA



Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Piety  22 Feb 1824Elbert Co., GA I62889
2 Alston, Grizel Yancey Comfort  24 Sep 1810Elbert Co., GA I30915
3 Alston, James Yancey  20 Sep 1805Elbert Co., GA I30913
4 Alston, Mary Grey  8 Jan 1803Elbert Co., GA I30914
5 Alston, Nathaniel Kimbrough  9 Feb 1808Elbert Co., GA I30916
6 Alston, Sarah Amanda  24 Feb 1816Elbert Co., GA I5764
7 Banks, Mary Oliver  10 Jul 1826Elbert Co., GA I40272
8 Brown, Elbert J.  13 Mar 1800Elbert Co., GA I69154
9 Brown, John Alphaus  9 Jul 1831Elbert Co., GA I47878
10 Brown, Susan Ann Elizabeth  23 Jan 1834Elbert Co., GA I42735
11 Chambers, Mary A. R.  1809Elbert Co., GA I1575
12 Grooves, James Alston  29 Sep 1798Elbert Co., GA I34594
13 Hailey, Henrietta  1794Elbert Co., GA I61533
14 Harris, Jeptha Vining  1 Dec 1816Elbert Co., GA I33580
15 Herndon, Edward  1809Elbert Co., GA I14564
16 Herndon, Elizabeth  22 Jul 1802Elbert Co., GA I51688
17 Herndon, Elizabeth  17 Aug 1817Elbert Co., GA I19207
18 Herndon, Lucinda  22 Apr 1805Elbert Co., GA I14567
19 Herndon, Margaret J.  5 May 1833Elbert Co., GA I24211
20 Herndon, Rachel  2 Sep 1804Elbert Co., GA I45364
21 Herndon, Thomas Rucker  29 Mar 1807Elbert Co., GA I14562
22 Herndon, William  1809Elbert Co., GA I44455


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ahart, Susanna S.  12 Jun 1835Elbert Co., GA I47876
2 Brown, Benjamin  27 Feb 1846Elbert Co., GA I69163
3 Brown, Elbert J.  19 Jan 1854Elbert Co., GA I69154
4 Christian, Turner Hunt  1833Elbert Co., GA I36652
5 Dozier, Nancy  14 Oct 1821Elbert Co., GA I18336
6 Flournoy, Sarah  May 1806Elbert Co., GA I45962
7 Fortson, Jesse  2 Apr 1827Elbert Co., GA I25045
8 Fortson, Thomas  15 Feb 1824Elbert Co., GA I52248
9 Hailey, William  24 Nov 1830Elbert Co., GA I61511
10 Herndon, Benjamin  4 Dec 1805Elbert Co., GA I47873
11 Herndon, Edward  1809Elbert Co., GA I14564
12 Herndon, Edward  22 Sep 1827Elbert Co., GA I51685
13 Herndon, Elizabeth  3 Mar 1839Elbert Co., GA I51688
14 Herndon, Lucinda  27 Oct 1820Elbert Co., GA I14567
15 Herndon, Mary Gaines  8 Sep 1871Elbert Co., GA I57960
16 Herndon, Michael  4 Oct 1867Elbert Co., GA I39905
17 Herndon, Nancy Ann  3 Feb 1820Elbert Co., GA I14565
18 Herndon, Thomas Rucker  16 Oct 1821Elbert Co., GA I14562
19 Herndon, William  1809Elbert Co., GA I44455
20 Rucker, Nancy Ann  4 Nov 1845Elbert Co., GA I55849
21 Tureman, Martin  1803Elbert Co., GA I57977
22 Wooldridge, William  1798Elbert Co., GA I45970


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Gibbs, William  Mar 1828Elbert Co., GA I62994


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brown / Dozier  28 Jul 1829Elbert Co., GA F23290
2 Brown / Herndon  12 Oct 1809Elbert Co., GA F19437
3 Brown / Herndon  28 Jul 1829Elbert Co., GA F23285
4 Brown / Herndon  23 Feb 1849Elbert Co., GA F16046
5 Christian / Maxwell   F12271
6 Cleveland / Adams   F21151
7 Hailey / Gaines   F24292
8 Herndon / Brown  17 Aug 1820Elbert Co., GA F17336