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Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO


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Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brown, Harry Cyril  25 Aug 1877Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I12775
2 Brown, Lillian Ely  7 Jun 1916Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56381
3 Ely, Anna Bell  1855Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I55863
4 Ely, Benjamin  11 May 1868Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56378
5 Ely, Edward Cosby  1866Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56375
6 Ely, Frank Black  24 Feb 1873Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56379
7 Ely, James Herndon  11 Oct 1857Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I12772
8 Ely, Lillian   I12774
9 Ely, Martha  Jun 1860Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I55862
10 Ely, Mary Elizabeth  1853Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56184
11 Ely, Mary Reed  1869Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56374
12 Ely, Mattie May  Dec 1869Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56376
13 Ely, Robert Cochran  10 Oct 1838Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I12777
14 Ely, Smith  1850Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56196
15 Hale, Arthur H.  11 Oct 1858Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56382
16 Hale, Arthur Hurt  1 Jul 1898Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56386
17 Hale, Charles Pannell  Dec 1868Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56383
18 Hale, Claiborne William  17 Aug 1876Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56384
19 Hale, John Minor  17 May 1898Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56357
20 Hale, Louis William  27 May 1900Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56390
21 Hale, Mary Edwardina  Sep 1893Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56262
22 Hale, Mary Elizabeth  Oct 1870Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I7452
23 Hale, Minor C.  6 Sep 1863Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I12702
24 Hale, Walter Winfield  14 Oct 1865Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I12703
25 Herndon, Aileen   I12796
26 Herndon, Cora W.  3 Sep 1865Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I7499
27 Herndon, Leolelia Harvey  18 Mar 1859Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I1667
28 Martin, Maurine  1891Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56276
29 Painter, Herndon William  27 Jul 1902Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I7496
30 Painter, William Rock  27 Aug 1863Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I7487
31 Perkins, Anne   I12784
32 Rock, Mary Frances  7 Sep 1845Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I28277
33 Rock, Sarah Ann  3 Sep 1841Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I12809
34 Rock, William E.  20 Jul 1843Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I28278
35 Tull, Clara Neville  26 May 1864Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56400
36 Tull, Laura Belle  1867Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56371
37 Tull, Martha R.  14 Sep 1865Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56266
38 Tull, Mary Victor  3 May 1861Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56398
39 Tull, Robert Lewis  22 Oct 1862Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56399
40 Tull, William Minor  24 May 1857Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56396


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brown, Lillian Ely  1 Aug 1917Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56381
2 Campbell, Harriett Graham  25 Oct 1952Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56282
3 Cosby, Clara Ann  9 May 1909Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I12776
4 Cosby, Mary Claiborne  3 Feb 1937Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I7450
5 Cosby, Sallie Willie  13 Oct 1921Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I7445
6 Day, Sara Amanda  30 Oct 1915Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I7498
7 Ely, Benjamin  9 Aug 1869Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56378
8 Ely, Frank Black  4 May 1888Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56379
9 Ely, Lewis Bell  18 Jun 1897Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I12494
10 Ely, Mary Reed  13 Nov 1950Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56374
11 Ely, Robert Cochran  29 May 1903Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I12777
12 Hale, Arthur H.  22 Apr 1892Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56382
13 Hale, John Blackwell  1 Feb 1905Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I7451
14 Hale, John Minor  14 Nov 1904Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56357
15 Hale, Mary Elizabeth  28 Jun 1939Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I7452
16 Hale, Minor C.  29 Oct 1912Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I12702
17 Hale, Walter Winfield  15 Mar 1940Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I12703
18 Herndon, Cora W.  25 Oct 1944Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I7499
19 Herndon, Laura A.  6 Jun 1924Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I12786
20 Martin, Maurine  1934Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56276
21 Painter, Amanda Herndon  28 Aug 1969Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I12759
22 Painter, William Rock  1 Jul 1947Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I7487
23 Queen, Carrie Adelaide  30 Sep 1949Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56358
24 Salisbury, Eugene Franklin  28 Aug 1965Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I12760
25 Tull, James Franklin  28 Jan 1913Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I7446
26 Tull, John Franklin  29 Jul 1935Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56397
27 Tull, Martha R.  1 Jan 1946Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56266
28 Tull, Mary Victor  14 Oct 1900Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56398
29 Tull, Robert Lewis  30 Jun 1874Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56399
30 Tull, William Minor  2 Dec 1922Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56396
31 Turpin, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  9 Jun 1936Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I69198
32 Welch, Oliver T.  9 Dec 1937Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56275


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Ely, Benjamin  Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56378


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Rebecca J.  1860Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I12793
2 Cosby, Clara Ann  2 Jul 1860Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I12776
3 Cosby, Clara Ann  1900Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I12776
4 Day, Sara Amanda  1900Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I7498
5 Ely, Mattie May  1900Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56376
6 Ely, Robert Cochran  1900Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I12777
7 Hale, Arthur Hurt  1900Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56386
8 Hale, Claiborne William  1900Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56384
9 Hale, John Blackwell  2 Jul 1860Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I7451
10 Hale, John Blackwell  Jun 1900Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I7451
11 Hale, Louis William  1900Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56390
12 Hale, Mary Edwardina  1900Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56262
13 Hale, Minor C.  1880Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I12702
14 Hale, Minor C.  1900Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I12702
15 Herndon, Alice  1860Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I55869
16 Herndon, Cora W.  1900Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I7499
17 Herndon, Elizabeth H.  1860Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I55852
18 Herndon, Frances  1860Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I55864
19 Herndon, Isaac Otey  1900Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I7490
20 Herndon, Thomas J.  1860Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I12794
21 Herndon, William J.  1860Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I12792
22 Hurt, Anna Eliza(beth)  1900Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56389
23 Painter, Amanda Herndon  1900Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I12759
24 Painter, Sarah Ann  1900Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I12788
25 Painter, William Rock  1900Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I7487
26 Queen, Carrie Adelaide  1900Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56358


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Hale, Sarah Jane  1940Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56268
2 Hale, Sarah Jane  1946Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO I56268


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ballew / Ely   F19511
2 Brown / Ely   F4933
3 Cleveland / Otey  24 Sep 1891Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO F2871
4 Ely / Cosby  16 Nov 1865Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO F4934
5 Hale / Cosby  6 Jan 1858Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO F2866
6 Hale / Herndon  21 Oct 1891Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO F846
7 Hale / Hurt  13 May 1897Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO F19545
8 Hale / Queen  26 Dec 1888Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO F4907
9 Hale / Tull  9 Nov 1886Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO F19543
10 Herndon / Sterne  18 Feb 1851Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO F2887
11 Kirtley / Herndon  4 Dec 1856Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO F10507
12 Lacey / Hale  26 Dec 1925Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO F19547
13 Painter / Herndon  12 Jan 1888Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO F2884
14 Tull / Campbell  28 Feb 1887Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO F19550
15 Tull / Cosby  26 Aug 1856Carrollton, Carroll Co., MO F2865
16 White / Tull   F19516