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Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA



Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blackinton, Olive  8 Dec 1755Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I22650
2 Fuller, Hannah  1 Dec 1739Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I17724
3 Fuller, Mary  8 Dec 1735Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I46644
4 Read, Sarah  22 Aug 1746Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I22659
5 Richardson, Caleb  26 Jun 1739Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I39164
6 Richardson, Daniel  26 Mar 1742Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I17729
7 Richardson, Elizabeth  5 Oct 1747Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I17718
8 Richardson, Hannah  11 Oct 1744Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I35673
9 Richardson, Henry  7 Aug 1752Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I17728
10 Richardson, Joanna  17 Sep 1722Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I50434
11 Richardson, John  27 Nov 1719Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I50433
12 Richardson, Rebeckah  18 Apr 1749Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I17727
13 Richardson, Stephen  6 Aug 1737Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I69228
14 Sweet, Amos  9 Mar 1734/35Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I35680
15 Sweet, Amos  30 Jun 1766Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I35676
16 Sweet, Asel  2 May 1774Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I69221
17 Sweet, Asel  11 Oct 1776Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I69222
18 Sweet, Elias  31 Dec 1768Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I69231
19 Sweet, Elizabeth  5 Sep 1771Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I69232
20 Sweet, Hannah  22 Jan 1764Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I50435
21 Sweet, John Coy  29 Nov 1778Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I69225
22 Sweet, Nancy  11 Aug 1785Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I69227
23 Sweet, Olney  14 Mar 1783Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I69226
24 Sweet, Polly  4 Dec 1788Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I69230
25 Sweet, Stephen  6 Mar 1781Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I69229
26 Tiffany, Esther  18 Feb 1736/37Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I17725


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Fuller, Hannah  14 Nov 1764Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I17724
2 Fuller, Mary  18 Nov 1804Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I46644
3 Read, Sarah  15 Jun 1820Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I22659
4 Richardson, Daniel  24 Dec 1817Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I17729
5 Richardson, Elizabeth  8 Jan 1761Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I17718
6 Richardson, Hannah  15 Oct 1804Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I35673
7 Richardson, Stephen  Jun 1754Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I8880
8 Richardson, Stephen  18 Nov 1808Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I69228
9 Richardson, William  6 Sep 1749Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I17730
10 Sweet, Amos  26 Jul 1801Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I35680
11 Sweet, Amos  1843Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I35676
12 Sweet, Asel  25 Sep 1775Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I69221
13 Sweet, Nancy  24 Sep 1787Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I69227
14 Vinton, Rebecca  Jan 1757Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I17723


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Richardson, Hannah  Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I35673
2 Sweet, Amos  Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA I35680


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Richardson / Blackinton  23 Jun 1774Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA F5885
2 Richardson / Coy  11 Nov 1736Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA F2953
3 Richardson / Fuller  30 Apr 1761Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA F23305
4 Richardson / Fuller  16 May 1765Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA F23306
5 Richardson / Read  25 Sep 1762Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA F5886
6 Sweet / Richardson  18 Nov 1762Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA F11964