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Altar, Sonora, Mexico



Latitude: 29.5, Longitude: -110.2


Matches 1 to 50 of 53

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arvizu, Jose Juan  24 Jun 1844Altar, Sonora, Mexico I76614
2 Caballero, Inez Ortiz  Abt 1866Altar, Sonora, Mexico I34255
3 Caballero, Julia  3 Jul 1897Altar, Sonora, Mexico I3988
4 Caballero, Norberta Ortiz  Jun 1862Altar, Sonora, Mexico I47480
5 Celaya, José María Valencia  Feb 1865Altar, Sonora, Mexico I27809
6 Celaya, Maria Concepcion  1844Altar, Sonora, Mexico I15823
7 Figueroa, Eduardo Ygnacio  15 Oct 1856Altar, Sonora, Mexico I56969
8 Figueroa, Eduardo Ygnacio Jr.  12 Sep 1892Altar, Sonora, Mexico I578
9 Figueroa, Esteban  1833Altar, Sonora, Mexico I73290
10 Figueroa, George O  19 Sep 1905Altar, Sonora, Mexico I29056
11 Figueroa, Jose Arnulfo (Arnold) Manuel  9 Jan 1902Altar, Sonora, Mexico I32647
12 Figueroa, Jose Luiz (Louis)  3 Nov 1895Altar, Sonora, Mexico I31750
13 Figueroa, Jose Pablo  1 Sep 1894Altar, Sonora, Mexico I20498
14 Figueroa, Josefa  30 Mar 1891Altar, Sonora, Mexico I58881
15 Figueroa, Juan Estaban  9 Jul 1883Altar, Sonora, Mexico I5578
16 Figueroa, Maria  25 Apr 1888Altar, Sonora, Mexico I15102
17 Figueroa, Maria Adriana  2 May 1890Altar, Sonora, Mexico I35999
18 Figueroa, Maria Carlota  Abt 1885Altar, Sonora, Mexico I9929
19 Figueroa, Maria Carmen  16 Sep 1898Altar, Sonora, Mexico I69245
20 Figueroa, Maria Conception  20 Mar 1886Altar, Sonora, Mexico I44873
21 Figueroa, Maria Francisca  20 Aug 1884Altar, Sonora, Mexico I25839
22 Grijalva, Concepcion "Concha"  22 Jun 1906Altar, Sonora, Mexico I11361
23 Grijalva, Ignacio "Nacho"  7 May 1917Altar, Sonora, Mexico I26243
24 Grijalva, Jorge "George" M.  25 Feb 1915Altar, Sonora, Mexico I54356
25 Grijalva, Santiago J  28 May 1878Altar, Sonora, Mexico I3594
26 Lopez de Aros, Ana Gertrudes Grijalva  Abt 1765Altar, Sonora, Mexico I4731
27 Lorona, Dolores "Guero"  Aug 1834Altar, Sonora, Mexico I13003
28 Moreno, Mercedes  17 Sep 1888Altar, Sonora, Mexico I42674
29 Ortega, Gertrudes  1790Altar, Sonora, Mexico I6881
30 Ortiz, Atilano  1845Altar, Sonora, Mexico I19729
31 Ortiz, Cristina Orozco  1855Altar, Sonora, Mexico I14258
32 Ortiz, Entemio "Tino"  Jan 1856Altar, Sonora, Mexico I53702
33 Ortiz, Felipe  1832Altar, Sonora, Mexico I19701
34 Ortiz, Jose Agustin Leonardo  Sep 1860Altar, Sonora, Mexico I6192
35 Ortiz, Jose Felipe  8 Jan 1869Altar, Sonora, Mexico I72145
36 Ortiz, Jose Feliz Encarnacion  16 May 1850Altar, Sonora, Mexico I8846
37 Ortiz, Jose Martin  Jan 1855Altar, Sonora, Mexico I8422
38 Ortiz, Maria Antonia Dolores  20 Apr 1873Altar, Sonora, Mexico I74340
39 Ortiz, Maria Concepcion  1857Altar, Sonora, Mexico I9379
40 Ortiz, Maria Francisca Teofila  2 Apr 1864Altar, Sonora, Mexico I50197
41 Ortiz, Maria Jesus (Justa)  1836Altar, Sonora, Mexico I4262
42 Ortiz, Maria Teofila Dolores  2 Feb 1864Altar, Sonora, Mexico I41844
43 Ortiz, Rafael  18 Apr 1854Altar, Sonora, Mexico I27544
44 Ortiz, Ramona  Abt 1881Altar, Sonora, Mexico I76412
45 Ortiz, Refugio  12 Mar 1870Altar, Sonora, México I34261
46 Ortiz Vejar, Jose Gerardo  5 Apr 1866Altar, Sonora, México I50593
47 Redondo, Gabriela  Abt 1807Altar, Sonora, Mexico I5141
48 Reyna, Jose Miguel  29 Sep 1869Altar, Sonora, Mexico I12857
49 Reyna, Maria del Carmen  9 Nov 1871Altar, Sonora, Mexico I47443
50 Selaya, Fidelis  1790Altar, Sonora, Mexico I42906

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Ortiz Vejar, Jose Gerardo  15 Apr 1866Altar, Sonora, Mexico I50593


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Figueroa, Eduardo Ygnacio Jr.  2 Sep 1892Altar, Sonora, Mexico I578
2 Figueroa, Maria Conception  1886Altar, Sonora, Mexico I44873
3 Ortiz, Maria Francisca Teofila  2 Feb 1864Altar, Sonora, Mexico I50197
4 Ortiz, Maria Francisca Teofila  2 Feb 1864Altar, Sonora, Mexico I50197


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Figueroa / Caballero  15 Jan 1884Altar, Sonora, Mexico F19052
2 Figueroa / Ortiz  30 May 1882Altar, Sonora, Mexico F19082
3 Ortiz / Celaya  29 May 1863Altar, Sonora, Mexico F6674
4 Ortiz / Ortiz  5 Jun 1863Altar, Sonora, Mexico F4385
5 Ortiz / Ortiz  25 Feb 1878Altar, Sonora, Mexico F6496
6 Perez / Ortiz  10 Dec 1862Altar, Sonora, Mexico F6145
7 Reyna / Ortiz  6 Dec 1867Altar, Sonora, Mexico F18653
8 Vasquez / Elías Gonzáles  Abt 1806Altar, Sonora, Mexico F111