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Tucson, Pima, Arizona



Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ortiz, Delfina Elias  18 Jan 1881Tucson, Pima, Arizona I2120
2 Ortiz, Emelia  Nov 1886Tucson, Pima, Arizona I56943
3 Soto, Ernest   I46009
4 Urias, Maria Cesaria De Los Angeles "Angelita"  25 Feb 1870Tucson, Pima, Arizona I14479


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ortiz, Anita  05 Aug 1995Tucson, Pima, Arizona I57265
2 Ortiz, Arnoldo  28 Jul 1993Tucson, Pima, Arizona I23838
3 Ortiz, Artemisa  Oct 1976Tucson, Pima, Arizona I46632
4 Ortiz, Emelia  26 Feb 1966Tucson, Pima, Arizona I56943
5 Ortiz, Francisco "Chico"  22 Jun 1933Tucson, Pima, Arizona I4919
6 Ortiz, Isabel "Guera"  11 Dec 1994Tucson, Pima, Arizona I41166
7 Ortiz, Manuela  Mar 1991Tucson, Pima, Arizona I21548
8 Urias, Maria Cesaria De Los Angeles "Angelita"  01 Aug 1951Tucson, Pima, Arizona I14479


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ortiz, Delfina Elias  Oct 1892Tucson, Pima, Arizona I2120


Matches 1 to 50 of 57

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Alecia  1930Tucson, Pima, Arizona I45733
2 Caballero, Armando   I722
3 Caballero, Basilio Caren  1930Tucson, Pima, Arizona I9621
4 Caballero, Basilio Caren  1930Tucson, Pima, Arizona I48887
5 Caballero, Carlos  1930Tucson, Pima, Arizona I23756
6 Caballero, Eduardo   I23751
7 Caballero, Elvira   I18690
8 Caballero, Juanita Olga  1930Tucson, Pima, Arizona I18005
9 Caballero, Julia  1930Tucson, Pima, Arizona I3988
10 Caballero, Loreto Ortiz  1930Tucson, Pima, Arizona I46003
11 Caballero, Roberts   I62378
12 Corea, Beulah  1930Tucson, Pima, Arizona I23216
13 Elias, Delfina  1930Tucson, Pima, Arizona I6265
14 Escalante, Teresa  1930Tucson, Pima, Arizona I56474
15 Freres, Hortencia   I48926
16 Freres, Julia   I23928
17 Freres, Sozimo   I27263
18 Freres, Teresa   I15722
19 Gomez, Mariana  1930Tucson, Pima, Arizona I50134
20 Houle, Anna Josephine  1930Tucson, Pima, Arizona I64133
21 Houle, Dorothy Louise  1930Tucson, Pima, Arizona I64132
22 Houle, Joseph Arthur Jr  1930Tucson, Pima, Arizona I59117
23 Ortiz, Anita  1930Tucson, Pima, Arizona I57265
24 Ortiz, Artemisa  1930Tucson, Pima, Arizona I46632
25 Ortiz, Artemisa  1935Tucson, Pima, Arizona I46632
26 Ortiz, Aurora   I44050
27 Ortiz, Celia   I39657
28 Ortiz, Cipriano E  1930Tucson, Pima, Arizona I5151
29 Ortiz, Cipriano E  1935Tucson, Pima, Arizona I5151
30 Ortiz, Cipriano S  1930Tucson, Pima, Arizona I72962
31 Ortiz, Cipriano S  1935Tucson, Pima, Arizona I72962
32 Ortiz, Conrado M  1930Tucson, Pima, Arizona I53000
33 Ortiz, Delfina Elias  1930Tucson, Pima, Arizona I2120
34 Ortiz, Delfina Elias  1935Tucson, Pima, Arizona I2120
35 Ortiz, Elia   I36489
36 Ortiz, Felix E.  1930Tucson, Pima, Arizona I50550
37 Ortiz, Jesús María  1930Tucson, Pima, Arizona I72442
38 Ortiz, Josephina  1930Tucson, Pima, Arizona I9885
39 Ortiz, Julio Pascual  1930Tucson, Pima, Arizona I68317
40 Ortiz, Manuel   I62060
41 Ortiz, Maria   I1750
42 Ortiz, Maria   I1750
43 Ortiz, Rodolfo Escalante  1930Tucson, Pima, Arizona I779
44 Ortiz, Rodolfo Escalante  1935Tucson, Pima, Arizona I779
45 Ortiz, Simon E.  1930Tucson, Pima, Arizona I765
46 Ortiz, Sofia  1930Tucson, Pima, Arizona I19835
47 Soto, Ernest   I46009
48 Soto, Ernest   I46009
49 Soto, Irma  1930Tucson, Pima, Arizona I5329
50 Soto, Margaret Louise   I10897

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