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Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bird, Sarah  25 Apr 1682Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I34322
2 Dunham, Rachel  16 Aug 1724Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I36727
3 Fitz-Randolph, Anne  28 Aug 1714Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I24437
4 Fitz-Randolph, Asa  1746Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I60612
5 Fitz-Randolph, David  1 Jan 1690/91Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I39025
6 Fitz-Randolph, Gilbert  1740Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I60615
7 Fitz-Randolph, Mary  1755Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I60609
8 Fitz-Randolph, Molleson  10 Jan 1715/16Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I60617
9 Fitz-Randolph, Nehemiah  3 Jun 1744Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I24282
10 Fitz-Randolph, Rachel  21 Aug 1751Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I60611
11 Fitz-Randolph, Reune  1745Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I60613
12 Fitz-Randolph, Sarah  1742Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I60614
13 Langstaff, Asa  3 Apr 1787Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I36726
14 Langstaff, Benjamin  24 Sep 1797Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I67983
15 Langstaff, Catharine  11 Oct 1790Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I67990
16 Langstaff, Catharine  5 Oct 1799Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I67986
17 Langstaff, Charles  1723Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I29418
18 Langstaff, David  3 Nov 1788Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I36723
19 Langstaff, David G.  11 Jan 1814Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I60654
20 Langstaff, Esther  1715Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I29425
21 Langstaff, Hannah  3 Feb 1802Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I67985
22 Langstaff, Henry  22 Aug 1686Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I60202
23 Langstaff, Henry  17 Feb 1718/19Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I36728
24 Langstaff, Henry  6 Feb 1754Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I36725
25 Langstaff, Henry D.  1769/1801Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I67979
26 Langstaff, James  1752Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I36722
27 Langstaff, James Harris  4 Mar 1808Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I36731
28 Langstaff, John  1727Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I29420
29 Langstaff, John  1755Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I36721
30 Langstaff, John  1774Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I67981
31 Langstaff, John Boylan  23 Aug 1811Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I60655
32 Langstaff, John C.  13 Aug 1795Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I67984
33 Langstaff, Martha  21 Nov 1713Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I29422
34 Langstaff, Martha  11 Nov 1792Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I67989
35 Langstaff, Mary  24 Nov 1717Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I29424
36 Langstaff, Ogden  1769/1801Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I67982
37 Langstaff, Priscilla  1725Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I29421
38 Langstaff, Rachel  14 Oct 1809Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I60652
39 Langstaff, Sarah  1 Apr 1721Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I29419
40 Molleson, Sarah  22 Aug 1695Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I8196
41 Smalley, Benjamin  20 Nov 1702Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I60737
42 Smalley, Benjamin  26 Oct 1741Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I58331
43 Smalley, Elisha  4 Feb 1698/99Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I60736
44 Smalley, Esther  7 Sep 1691Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I60148
45 Smalley, Experience  6 Jan 1733/34Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I10193
46 Smalley, John  3 Mar 1679/80Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I24544
47 Smalley, John  1 Jun 1685Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I24545
48 Smalley, John  24 Jun 1712Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I24436
49 Smalley, John  8 Apr 1737Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I31000
50 Smalley, Jonathan  10 Apr 1683Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I29368

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Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bird, Sarah  17 Jul 1762Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I34322
2 Dunham, Rachel  24 Apr 1804Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I36727
3 Fitz-Randolph, David  1773Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I39025
4 Fitz-Randolph, Molleson  10 Dec 1795Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I60617
5 Langstaff, Benjamin  24 Apr 1820Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I67983
6 Langstaff, Catharine  15 Feb 1795Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I67990
7 Langstaff, David  11 Feb 1823Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I36723
8 Langstaff, Henry  1762Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I60202
9 Langstaff, Henry  Mar 1802Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I36728
10 Langstaff, Henry  12 Jul 1826Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I36725
11 Langstaff, John  1825Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I36721
12 Martin, Lydia  20 Sep 1731Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I29364
13 Smalley, Hannah  10 Mar 1796Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I60616
14 Smalley, Isaac  4 Dec 1724Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I34320
15 Smalley, John  3 Oct 1682Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I24544
16 Smalley, John  30 Jul 1692Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I29366
17 Smalley, Jonathan  1762Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I29368
18 Smalley, Lydia  7 Oct 1682Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I60741
19 Steele, Charity  23 Mar 1829Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I67980
20 Walden, Anne  29 Jan 1692/93Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I29365
21 Wood, Esther  29 Jan 1700/01Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I29423


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Smalley, John  Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I24436


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Smalley, John  16 Jul 1689Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ I29366


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Drake / Langstaff  12 Apr 1737Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ F11502
2 Fitz-Randolph / Smalley  1738Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ F20366
3 Langstaff / Dunham  1744Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ F12300
4 Langstaff / Smalley  1712Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ F20226
5 Langstaff / Steele  1803Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ F12297
6 Smalley / Bird  Abt 1707Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ F9759
7 Smalley / Martin  18 Oct 1667Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ F9758
8 Smalley / Wood  20 Feb 1682/83Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ F11484