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Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY



Matches 1 to 50 of 67

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Breckinridge, Cabell  22 Nov 1846Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I67073
2 Breckinridge, Joseph Cabell  11 Mar 1825Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I73574
3 Breckinridge, Laetitia Porter  24 Aug 1849Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I57834
4 Breckinridge, Mary Hopkins  1 Feb 1839Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I62235
5 Breckinridge, Stanhope Prevost  30 Apr 1841Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I62234
6 Breckinridge, Theodosia Prevost  11 Aug 1843Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I67093
7 Carroll, Mary Ruth Elizabeth  27 Feb 1908Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I72078
8 Churchill, Worden P.  27 Jan 1830Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I63155
9 Cosby, Ellen Blake  1 Jan 1828Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I21741
10 Cosby, Fortunatus  2 May 1801Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I36977
11 Cosby, Mary Fontaine  7 Mar 1833Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I21735
12 Cosby, Robert Todd  1827Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I21744
13 Edwards, Penelope  Abt 1745Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I812
14 Fontaine, Aaron Benjamin  4 Sep 1811Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I36979
15 Fontaine, Alexander Madison  19 Mar 1806Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I36983
16 Fontaine, Amelia Clayton  5 Jul 1847Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I39275
17 Fontaine, Emmeline  5 Sep 1809Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I10693
18 Fontaine, Henry Whiting  13 Nov 1807Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I53905
19 Fontaine, Massena  19 Jan 1800Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I16998
20 Fontaine, Matilda Jane Prather  1803Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I12436
21 Fontaine, William Maury  6 May 1813Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I12434
22 Humphrey, Adies  28 Jan 1842Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I39298
23 Linde, Ernestine Flore  1820Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I4460
24 Marshall, Julia Symes  20 Oct 1843Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I11346
25 McKnight, John Milton  8 Jan 1832Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I15875
26 McKnight, Rosa Logan  2 Feb 1830Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I28786
27 Mengel, Emily Tyron  12 Mar 1892Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I15332
28 Meriwether, Edmund Taylor  25 Jun 1881Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I20143
29 Otter, Ann   I71266
30 Otter, Bethel   I61450
31 Pope, Martha Ann  2 Jul 1820Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I23
32 Pope, Penelope  23 Aug 1818Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I31
33 Prather, Julia Clay  27 Feb 1838Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I58256
34 Prather, Margaret  1849Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I58261
35 Prather, Maria  19 Feb 1846Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I39299
36 Prather, Maria Julia  16 May 1814Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I26
37 Prather, Martha Pope  7 May 1844Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I58263
38 Prather, Mary Jane  11 Aug 1809Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I24
39 Prather, Matilda  17 Sep 1811Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I25
40 Prather, Penelope "Eppie"  1849Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I58262
41 Prather, Thomas  16 Mar 1795Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I26911
42 Quigley, Eliza Graham  Nov 1860Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I40109
43 Rector, Henry Massey  1 May 1816Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I64830
44 Richardson, Robert Carter  18 May 1826Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I28788
45 Sanders, Henry Vernon  21 Jun 1840Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I26935
46 Seymour, Edward J.  9 Mar 1826Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I48380
47 Smith, Blanche Weissinger  14 Sep 1891Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I1058
48 Sturgess, Cynthia Ann  1783Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I26516
49 Thruston, Algernon Sidney  19 May 1801Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I31874
50 Thruston, John  15 Oct 1761Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I4535

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Matches 1 to 50 of 75

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Breckinridge, Frances Provost  16 Mar 1900Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I68933
2 Breckinridge, Joseph Cabell  10 Aug 1839Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I73574
3 Breckinridge, Laetitia Porter  18 Apr 1852Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I57834
4 Breckinridge, Mary Hopkins  12 Apr 1880Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I62235
5 Breckinridge, Theodosia Prevost  25 Jun 1844Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I67093
6 Buckner, Emily Pendleton  10 Jun 1834Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I16995
7 Cabell, Elizabeth  6 Feb 1855Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I25482
8 Cabell, Mary Hopkins  26 Mar 1858Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I35976
9 Carter, Mary  6 Feb 1874Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I63246
10 Christian, George William  8 Apr 1786Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I53810
11 Churchill, Worden P.  6 Apr 1916Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I63155
12 Clay, Henry  5 Jun 1862Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I39252
13 Edwards, Penelope  1825Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I812
14 Elliott, Mary  24 Apr 1904Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I22140
15 Fontaine, Aaron Benjamin  29 Aug 1880Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I36979
16 Fontaine, America  7 Mar 1844Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I31899
17 Fontaine, Ann Overton  13 Aug 1819Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I53794
18 Fontaine, Barbara Carr  15 Jan 1829Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I10766
19 Fontaine, Emeline Dillon  20 Jan 1905Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I31962
20 Fontaine, Martha Minor  22 Dec 1863Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I10765
21 Fontaine, Mary  8 Jun 1889Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I31961
22 Fontaine, Matilda Martha  28 Nov 1850Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I10764
23 Fontaine, Peter  8 Apr 1813Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I10767
24 Fontaine, Sarah  23 Feb 1802Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I27114
25 Graham, Sarah Aylett  22 Aug 1982Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I74379
26 Houston, George Harrison  9 Jul 1949Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I20148
27 Humphrey, Adies  21 Nov 1843Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I39298
28 Humphrey, Edward P.  9 Dec 1887Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I21
29 Hunt, Katherine Grosh  12 Dec 1909Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I1457
30 Jacob, John Jeremiah  1 Apr 1852Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I36984
31 King, Grace  1891/1984Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I34691
32 Long, Mattie Lou  22 Jan 1970Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I35914
33 Martin, Louisa Winifred  4 Sep 1890Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I63154
34 McKnight, John Milton  25 Mar 1894Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I15875
35 Nicholas, Samuel Smith  27 Nov 1869Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I26908
36 Noad, Frank L. B.  1915Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I37032
37 Noad, William Vernon  1925Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I39302
38 Pope, Martha Ann  21 Sep 1886Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I23
39 Pope, Penelope  18 Mar 1848Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I31
40 Pope, William  1825Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I66567
41 Pope, William  29 May 1844Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I61104
42 Pope, Worden  May 1837Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I70492
43 Prather, Catherine Cornelia  28 Sep 1844Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I20
44 Prather, James Smiley  14 Feb 1860Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I70440
45 Prather, Julia Clay  18 Jan 1866Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I58256
46 Prather, Margaret  1919Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I58261
47 Prather, Maria  21 Nov 1847Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I39299
48 Prather, Maria Julia  13 Feb 1840Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I26
49 Prather, Martha Pope  10 Feb 1850Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I58263
50 Prather, Mary Jane  7 Oct 1883Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I24

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Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Floyd, John  Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I39255
2 Foushee, Alphonse Bell  Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I60574


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Elston, Allen P.  1850Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I72310
2 Elston, Frances  1850Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I40115
3 Mosby, Littleberry Hardeman  1840Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I63270
4 Quigley, Eliza Graham  1930Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I40109
5 Veech, Bethel Boles  1930Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I40108


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Veech, Bethel Boles  1930Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY I40108


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Breckinridge / Long  27 Jan 1853Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY F23221
2 Breckinridge / McKnight  30 Apr 1868Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY F20912
3 Brown / Fontaine  1824Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY F15458
4 Churchill / Prather  22 Apr 1829Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY F8926
5 Cosby / Fontaine  1 May 1819Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY F5987
6 Dillon / Fontaine  1 Jul 1830Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY F7295
7 Floyd / Fontaine  16 Apr 1810Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY F14100
8 Fontaine / Bryson  8 Jul 1834Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY F18068
9 Fontaine / Buckner  24 Jul 1823Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY F5625
10 Fontaine / Pomeroy  27 Dec 1835Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY F5626
11 Fontaine / Whiting  18 Jun 1805Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY F10200
12 Hoge / Mengel  9 Jun 1914Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY F5091
13 Humphrey / Prather  2 Mar 1841Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY F5
14 Jacob / Fontaine  16 Jun 1811Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY F12391
15 Miller / Prather   F8931
16 Newman / Prather   F8928
17 Pope / Sturgess  23 Jan 1800Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY F20515
18 Prather / Fontaine  12 Feb 1800Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY F14103
19 Prather / Meriwether  26 Feb 1789Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY F7144
20 Prather / Pope  1 Dec 1835Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY F11
21 Rector / Thruston  30 Aug 1810Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY F21636
22 Rice / Cromeans  Abt 1888Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY F9080
23 Rogers / Fontaine   F13168
24 San Germano / Hoge  9 Aug 1906Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY F6621
25 Sanders / Fontaine  22 Oct 1827Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY F14107
26 Williams / Meriwether   F7143