They had a bravery beyond heroes

But their stories barely told.

Of a journey to a new land

Far from their country old.

Far from family, friends and loved ones

They ventured ' cross the sea,

Those very special people

Who form my FAMILY TREE.

Bray 1987

The "Mackie Clan" sailed from Clyde, Scotland on the 1st of July 1875 on the clipper ship the "Invercargill" to Port Chalmers, Dunedin, New Zealand arriving on the 30th of September 1875. They were all Government Assisted immigrants.

On board with Marion, her husband Richard Smith and their 1 year old son Richard Wetherell were her two brothers Edward and Nisbet, her unmarried sister Grace, her sister Ann married to William Coulter and a John Mackie (possibly a relative?)

GRACE was a 19 year old single women who was a domestic servant. Her passage costs were 14 pounds and 10 shillings to the Government. In 1880 Grace married George Cormack (1853-1906) also a passenger on board the ship and they had eleven children with one set of twins.

EDWARD was a 26 year old married man who was a collier. He travelled with his 26 year old wife Elizabeth Crosser (1849-1887) whom he married in 1870 and their three children: Betsy aged 6, Elizabeth aged 4 and Nisbet aged 1. Their Government costs were 50 pounds and 15 shillings. They had another 4 children in New Zealand. Edward married a second time in 1890 to Christina M Waddell (1847-1929) and they had 1 child.

NISBET was a 22 year old married man who was also a collier. He travelled with his 25 year old wife Catherine Ramsay (1850-) whom he married about 1872 and their 2 year old child Nisbet. Their Government costs were 36 pounds and 5 shillings. They had another 5 children in New Zealand.

ANN was a 21 year old married women who travelled with her new husband of 10 months, 21 year old William Coulter and their 4 month old son Samuel Paterson Coulter. William's two sisters Margaret and Jane also travelled with them.

JOHN was a 25 year old married man who was a joiner. He travelled with his 30 year old wife Mrs Mackie (name unknown) and their infant son Thomas and 2 year old daughter Annie. (Unsure if they are related or not?)

This was the second voyage of the "Invercargill" with 450 passengers on board. 393 were from Scotland, 24 English and 33 Irish.

Source: Marion Paulin nee Laird.

Canterbury Museum Library (Passenger List for "Invercargill" July 1st to Sept 30th 1875).

Record given to the Library by the Latter Day Saints.