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Yancey, David

Male 1777 - 1807  (30 years)

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  • Name Yancey, David 
    Born 20 Jun 1777  Yanceyville, Louisa Co., VA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died Dec 1807  Jamaica Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • Yellow Fever
    Will 1808  Louisa Co., VA Find all individuals with events at this location  [1
    Probate 13 Jun 1808  Louisa Co., VA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Person ID I57187  Bob Juch's Kin
    Last Modified 7 May 2019 

    Father Yancey, Charles,   b. 10 May 1741, Louisa Co., VA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 9 Jan 1814, Louisa Co., VA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 72 years) 
    Relationship natural 
    Mother Crawford, Mary,   b. 1725/1749,   d. 1768/1837  (Age 88 years) 
    Relationship natural 
    Married 2 Feb 1762  Amherst County, Virginia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Family ID F7172  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family Minor, Ann,   b. 10 Aug 1784,   d. 2 Mar 1806  (Age 21 years) 
    Married 20 Jul 1805 
    Last Modified 7 May 2019 
    Family ID F19149  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

  • Sources 
    1. [S998] Yancey Cousins United, Barbara Yancey Dore, (Name:;),
      If I die at home, let my body bedepositedinthespacewhichIhadleftbetweenmy beloved wife andmydearsister,POLLEYYANCEY.NotthatIsuppose thisposition can benefitmeorthemafterdeath,butthereissomething in humannaturewhichmakestheideathatweshallhereafterrest with those who havebeenmoredeartous,gratefultotheheart. Leta decent monument beerectedoverthegraveofherthatwasmost dear tome, my late wife --notthatthis"storedurn"can"backtoits mansioncallthefleetingbreath";notthat"honor'svoice"can"provoke thesilent dustorflatterysoothethedull,cold earofdeath".Nor when theheart yieldsawillinghomagetotherarecombinationofvirtues of theloveliest ofwomendoesitstoptoconsidertheobjectionsto theindulgence ofitsfavoritewish,butobeysalonethegenerousimpulse ofa heart whichstillvibrateswiththeimpulseofitsinfantlove. Let itbe a monumentofhervirtues.Letposteritylearntoadmire-- to imitatetheexcellenciesofonewhoseheartwaspure,generous,affectionateandbenevolent;whosetemperwasmild.yetfirm;whose desireof doing goodwaslimitedonlybyherpower;whoseprudencewasproverbial; whoseunderstandingwassoundandwhowon ontheheartsofall, even of her ownsex,byhergoodnessandthecharmsofherconversation. In her,therewasnoguile.Perhapsthismonumentofhervirtues and of our lovemayintimetocome,inspiresomeyouthfulbreast,who maythoughtlessdancearoundthisreceptacleofthedead, witha zealto imitate herexample.

      I give to ANNE WARDLAW, daughterofDr.WILLIAMWARDLAW,anegrogirlnamed[blank], now inpossessionofDABNEYMINOR,ofAlbemarle,beingtheone forwhich I exchanged oldLettywithhim.Mywife,inherlifetime,promised ayoung negro to this niece.

      I give to the brothers and sisters ofmybelovedwifeandtothechildrenofthosewho are dead, to be dividedinthesameway,mynegromanBartlett;the money dueme from DABNEYMINORbybondforthepurchaseofnegroes whichI got by mywifeandwhateverbalancetheremaybe,afterdeducting allexpenses fromwhatIhavealreadyreceivedonaccountof mysaid wife; anaccount of whichIintendtostateinmyledger, butif nosuch statementshouldbemade,thisclauseaboutsaidbalance to bevoid,as nobody canmakesuchstatementbutmyselfand Iwishto avoidallcontroversies aboutmy will. IfIliveanytimeIshallprobably makeastatement of the wholeof theestateofmybelovedwifeandstrikeabalance. If I do, thatbalanceshallbepaidordelivered,asthecasemay be, to the relations ofmysaidwife,asaforesaid,inlieuofthelegacies before mentioned,exceptthattoANNEWARDLAW.

      To my dear brother, ROBERT YANCEY, whohasbeennotonlyabrother,butafatherto me and thegoodnessofwhoseheartIhaveproved,notwithstanding thebareandvillainousattemptsthathavebeenmade byaband of assassins todestroyhim,Iwouldgiveeverything,ifheneededit, but fortune has smiledonhimastoproperty,thoughhehasbeen morepersecuted than any othermaninthestate.He hasenoughandIknow hewill approve ofmyaidingthechildrenofourdeadsister,ELIZAKIMBROUGH, who havebeenuntimelydeprivedofamotherand afathersuchas are rarely to befound.TheirhousewasoncethemostperfectparadiseI ever enjoyed, butdeathhasblastedtheprospect.

      To my dear and only brother, therefore,Ileavethechoiceoutofmylibraryofsuch books as he may wish andthebalanceofmybooksIgiveto mynephew,WILLIAM KIMBROUGH, Jr.

      ANNE having died, I have given directionstoDr.WARDLAWhowtodisposeofthenegro girl given her. The restofmyestate,Igivetobeequallydividedbetween the children ofmysister,ELIZ.KIMBROUGH.