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    Minnesota, USA


    Latitude: 46.475, Longitude: -92.6167


    Matches 1 to 50 of 110

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 Alma Charlotte  1888Minnesota, USA I77610
    2 Anderson, Andrew  Sep 1883Minnesota, USA I77237
    3 Anderson, Carl C  26 Jul 1889Minnesota, USA I77232
    4 Anderson, Josephine  Abt 1891Minnesota, USA I76753
    5 Anderson, Peter  May 1885Minnesota, USA I77235
    6 Anderson, Torval  Mar 1891Minnesota, USA I77236
    7 Bartos, Joseph A  26 Aug 1897Minnesota, USA I79687
    8 Bartosch, Regina  Abt 1878Minnesota, USA I79517
    9 Bartosch, Rudolf  Abt 1879Minnesota, USA I79518
    10 Benson, Laura C  22 May 1892Minnesota, USA I76603
    11 Broz, Alfred   I77553
    12 Broz, Anna Marie  2 Feb 1924Minnesota, USA I77552
    13 Broz, Charles Bernard  17 Feb 1919Minnesota, USA I77551
    14 Broz, Joseph F  Abt 1909Minnesota, USA I77499
    15 Broz, Louis H Jr  19 Feb 1907Minnesota, USA I77497
    16 Broz, Raymond  31 Aug 1914Minnesota, USA I77500
    17 Broz, Rose  Abt 1913Minnesota, USA I77496
    18 Broz, William J  4 Dec 1908Minnesota, USA I77498
    19 Coleman, Nellie M  8 May 1876Minnesota, USA I77607
    20 Cox, Jeanine   I79732
    21 DeSmet, Elizabeth Mary  21 Apr 1918Minnesota, USA I79779
    22 DeSmet, Henry Joseph  21 Jun 1921Minnesota, USA I79761
    23 Dusek, Alice Elsie  Feb 1897Minnesota, USA I79468
    24 Dusek, Anna Marie  17 Oct 1895Minnesota, USA I79464
    25 Dusek, Elizabeth Irene  Feb 1897Minnesota, USA I79465
    26 Fossum, Amanda  26 Mar 1909Minnesota, USA I78083
    27 Hamilton, Almita A  Abt 1904Minnesota, USA I76440
    28 Hamilton, Archie H  Abt 1901Minnesota, USA I76439
    29 Harbig, Anna  Abt 1880Minnesota, USA I76420
    30 Jankovec, Joseph  Abt 1909Minnesota, USA I79821
    31 Jankovec, Louis  Abt 1908Minnesota, USA I79820
    32 Johnson, Carl F  Abt 1904Minnesota, USA I76827
    33 Johnson, Norma Karolyn  4 Sep 1902Minnesota, USA I71424
    34 Kaeck, Julia Loreta  9 May 1892Minnesota, USA I76409
    35 Kummer, Evelyn M   I77244
    36 Kummer, Jane   I77376
    37 Kummer, Matthias Francis  31 Jul 1884Minnesota, USA I76467
    38 Mategcek, Alice  Abt 1903Minnesota, USA I79805
    39 Matejack, Elsie  Abt 1904Minnesota, USA I79808
    40 Matejack, Rudolph  Abt 1900Minnesota, USA I79807
    41 Matejcek, Agnes  7 Dec 1885Minnesota, USA I77453
    42 Matejcek, Albert  Abt 1893Minnesota, USA I79376
    43 Matejcek, Bernard  Abt 1908Minnesota, USA I79371
    44 Matejcek, Charley  Abt 1892Minnesota, USA I79375
    45 Matejcek, Elsie Albina  8 Jul 1903Minnesota, USA I79459
    46 Matejcek, Francis Mary  3 Feb 1883Minnesota, USA I79394
    47 Matejcek, Frank  Jan 1886Minnesota, USA I77454
    48 Matejcek, Georgia  Abt 1909Minnesota, USA I79377
    49 Matejcek, Hubert  1890Minnesota, USA I79969
    50 Matejcek, Joseph B.  Abt 1905Minnesota, USA I79651

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    Matches 1 to 9 of 9

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 Caroline E  Aft 1900Minnesota, USA I80128
    2 Dusek, Amelia  6 Jan 1897Minnesota, USA I79466
    3 Johnson, Carl O  Abt 1909Minnesota, USA I76829
    4 Matejcek, Anna  11 Dec 1873Minnesota, USA I79358
    5 May, Joel  27 Dec 1892Minnesota, USA I77627
    6 Skalicky, Mary  9 Dec 1955Minnesota, USA I79634
    7 Sutton, Daniel Stewart  3 Feb 1894Minnesota, USA I76617
    8 Van Auken, George R  13 Aug 1906Minnesota, USA I76604
    9 Van Auken, Thelma Irene  27 Jan 1909Minnesota, USA I76605


    Matches 1 to 9 of 9

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
    1 Brydl, Mary Tressa  1973Minnesota, USA I79327
    2 Donegan, Rosamond A. (Rose)  1917Minnesota, USA I76485
    3 Dusek, Joseph Albert  1951Minnesota, USA I79491
    4 Matejcek, Martha Marcella  1951Minnesota, USA I79486
    5 Olson, Raymond John  1942Minnesota, USA I76741
    6 Pavek, Bessie B  1973Minnesota, USA I79615
    7 Simon, Jaroslav "Jay"  Bef 1951Minnesota, USA I79425
    8 Sutton, Charles Albert  11 Feb 1921Minnesota, USA I76489
    9 Wirt, Martha Palmer "Mattie"  11 Feb 1921Minnesota, USA I76490


    Matches 1 to 5 of 5

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 Autinozzi / Palm   F26678
    2 Kummer / Martin  17 Aug 1997Minnesota, USA F25710
    3 Skalicky / Vacek  10 Feb 1928Minnesota, USA F26596
    4 Van Auken / Helstrom  Abt 1933Minnesota, USA F25756
    5 Van Auken / Van Inwegen  21 Aug 1860Minnesota, USA F25786