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    Matches 101 to 150 of 287

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    101 Herndon, Elizabeth H.  Abt 1851Missouri I55852
    102 Herndon, Evaline V.  Abt 1843Missouri I17206
    103 Herndon, Frances  Abt 1853Missouri I55864
    104 Herndon, James Baird  Abt 1867Missouri I56366
    105 Herndon, James W.  Abt 1846Missouri I17207
    106 Herndon, Laura A.  29 Jan 1847Missouri I12786
    107 Herndon, Lewis Ely  Feb 1871Missouri I56368
    108 Herndon, Maggie  Abt 1861Missouri I69191
    109 Herndon, Martha A.  Abt 1856Missouri I56370
    110 Herndon, Mary A.  Abt 1848Missouri I17222
    111 Herndon, Sallie  Dec 1859Missouri I69169
    112 Herndon, Sarah W.  Abt 1860Missouri I12731
    113 Herndon, Thomas J.  Abt 1844Missouri I12794
    114 Herndon, William  Abt 1850Missouri I55867
    115 Hoffman, Harry  1881Missouri I1930
    116 Houston, John Henry  25 May 1899Missouri I63238
    117 Hudson, Margaret  13 Sep 1859Missouri I65640
    118 Jacques, Harriet C.  5 May 1827Missouri I21948
    119 Jones, John  Est 1860/1870Missouri I54275
    120 Jones, Leander Perry  6 Aug 1857Missouri I54284
    121 Jones, Mary J.  Abt 1861Missouri I54281
    122 Jones, Mosias D.  Abt 1859Missouri I54271
    123 Jones, Savilla  Abt 1873Missouri I54282
    124 Kirtley, J  Abt 1850Missouri I56351
    125 Kirtley, Louisa  Abt 1860Missouri I56380
    126 Kitchens, Mary Ona  22 Sep 1911Missouri I63232
    127 Kite, Belle  Abt 1884Missouri I75747
    128 Kite, John A  1833Missouri I75748
    129 Lamkin, Mary  Abt 1849Missouri I41009
    130 Lane, Alma L.  Cal 1872Missouri I62642
    131 Lane, Lena F.  Cal 1865Missouri I62570
    132 Lane, Minna  Cal 1876Missouri I62607
    133 Lane, Presly C.  Cal 1874Missouri I62568
    134 Leonard, Dale   I72726
    135 Leonard, Lulu   I72742
    136 Lewis, Virginia Belle  Jun 1873Missouri I72650
    137 Majors, Sarah Ann  1859Missouri I11666
    138 Mayberry, Jr. Ivan Dale   I63931
    139 McElwee, Hubert L  Abt 1908Missouri I71966
    140 McNeal, Jr. Merritt Alaway  3 Mar 1920Missouri I66487
    141 Minor, James William  30 Jun 1861Missouri I23393
    142 Montgomery, Albert  Abt 1909Missouri I72646
    143 Montgomery, Almon  Abt 1907Missouri I72573
    144 Montgomery, Alva   I72649
    145 Montgomery, Antho  Abt 1902Missouri I72643
    146 Montgomery, B Wayne  1918Missouri I72662
    147 Montgomery, Bobbie E   I72671
    148 Montgomery, Claud  Abt 1892Missouri I75749
    149 Montgomery, Claude  Abt 1907Missouri I72645
    150 Montgomery, Clyde A  Abt 1911Missouri I72637

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