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    Matches 451 to 500 of 6,737

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     #   Notes   Linked to 
    451 "Montville", King William Co., VA Fontaine, William Winston (I7517)
    452 "Montville", King William Co., VA Aylett, William (I11522)
    453 "Montville", King William Co., VA Aylett, Patrick Henry (I11528)
    454 "Montville", King William Co., VA Fontaine, Elizabeth Spotswood (I55630)
    455 "Morrisania", Bronx Co., NY Morris, Jr. Gouverneur (I33019)
    456 "Morrisania", Bronx Co., NY Randolph, Ann Cary (I33020)
    457 "Morrisania", Bronx Co., NY Morris, Gouverneur (I33041)
    458 "Morrisania", Bronx Co., NY Morris, Gouverneur (I33041)
    459 "Morrisania", Bronx Co., NY Morris, III Gouverneur (I63932)
    460 "Morrisania", Bronx Co., NY Family F12205
    461 "Mount Pleasant", VA Hunter, Robert Mercer Taliaferro (I10458)
    462 "Mt Airy", Caroline Co., VA Kean, Robert Garlick Hill (I61468)
    463 "Mt Pleasant", Goochland Co., VA Fleming, Mary (I32964)
    464 "Mt Pleasant", King William Co., VA Gregory, Richard T. (I11229)
    465 "Mt. Blanc", Fauquier Co., VA Marshall, John (I33540)
    466 "Mulberry Hill", Charlotte Co., VA Carrington, Mary Scott (I19286)
    467 "Mulberry Hill", Charlotte Co., VA Carrington, George (I19405)
    468 "Mulberry Hill", Charlotte Co., VA Carrington, Jr. Paul (I19430)
    469 "Mulberry Hill", Charlotte Co., VA Carrington, Henry (I19435)
    470 "Mulberry Hill", Charlotte Co., VA Family F7332
    471 "Multiperro", Farmville, Prince Edward Co., VA Edmunds, Mary Embra (I19229)
    472 "My sister MARTHA WINN to take care of my daughter MARTHA" Martha Jefferson m William Bolling. Jefferson, Martha (I22418)
    473 "Nicholas Camp, immigrant ancestor, was born in England and came from Nazeing, county Essex to this country in 1638. He was at Watertown, Massachusetts for a time, then at Wethersfield, Connecticut, and in 1639 appears at Guilford, Connecticut. As early as 1646 he had a house, lot of 6 acres, one right and two parcels, in Milford, Connecticut. His name is on the list of free planters of Milford dated November 20, 1639. He joined the Milford Church November 2, 1643. He was taxed on one hundred and ninety-nine pounds of property at Milford in 1686. He died there in 1706." Quoted from "Genealogy and Family History of the State of Connecticut" Volume I, Page 816.

    Nicholas arrived in 1631 with wife Sarah and John Eliot at New Haven aboard the ship Lyon. DAR Magazine, Vol XLVI, 1915, pg.343. It is believed that Nicholas Jr. was born aboard the ship. 
    Camp, Nicholas (I19840)
    474 "Nine Oaks", Halifax Co., VA Green, Frances Keeling (I38727)
    475 "Norwood", VA Cabell, Edward A. (I10341)
    476 "Oak Hill", Fauquier Co., VA Marshall, Mary Ann (I33422)
    477 "Oak Hill", Fauquier Co., VA Marshall, William (I33501)
    478 "Oak Hill", Fauquier Co., VA Marshall, Charles (I33505)
    479 "Oak Hill", Fauquier Co., VA Marshall, Alexander Keith (I33508)
    480 "Oak Hill", Fauquier Co., VA Marshall, Louis (I33521)
    481 "Oak Hill", Fauquier Co., VA Marshall, Susan Tarleton (I33523)
    482 "Oak Hill", Fauquier Co., VA Marshall, Charlotte (I33525)
    483 "Oak Hill", Fauquier Co., VA Marshall, Jane (I33527)
    484 "Oak Hill", Fauquier Co., VA Marshall, Nancy (I33529)
    485 "Oak Hill", Fluvanna, Virginia, United States Strange, John Alloway (I16917)
    486 "Oak Hill", Halifax Co., VA Carrington, George (I19405)
    487 "Oak Hill", Halifax Co., VA Tucker, Sarah Coles (I19406)
    488 "Oakland", Washington Co., MD Buchanan, Thomas Elie (I11110)
    489 "of Eastern VA" Powers, Caroline Elizabeth (I6342)
    490 "Old Town", Louisa Co., VA Shelton, David (I2031)
    491 "On the Plains en Route to Mexican War" Carr, Garland Overton (I9662)
    492 "Paradise", Fauquier Co., VA Pickett, Lucy (I33577)
    493 "Penn Park", Albemarle Co., VA Gilmer, Lucy Walker (I59904)
    494 "Pireus", Albemarle Co., VA Minor, Jr. James (I38880)
    495 "Poplar Grove", Williamson Co., TN Maury, Zebulon Montgomery Pike (I62401)
    496 "Poplar Grove", Williamson Co., TN Maury, William Henry (I62402)
    497 "Poplar Grove", Williamson Co., TN Maury, James Phillip (I62403)
    498 "Poplar Grove", Williamson Co., TN Maury, Abraham Poindexter (I62404)
    499 "Poplar Grove", Williamson Co., TN Maury, Daniel Worsham (I62412)
    500 "Poplar Grove", Williamson Co., TN Maury (I62425)

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