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Yep, here are over 70,000 people in one huge tree! These are my ancestors, their descendants, and some ancestors and families of those who married my kin. Also, parents of spouses are shown if known.

I have my data in several different formats. I have published all families' group sheets using GEDPAGE. Please note that these may not be as up to date as the other lists due to the massive uploading required. I have also published specific family trees with Personal Ancestry File. Each tree has a corresponding GEDCOM file; the larger ones are ZIPped. More trees will be added in the future as requested.

I am in the process of converting my sources from notes to the newer imbedded format. I also lost sources for much of my data due to an FTM bug. I am updating that as I have time. I am also standardizing place names and other information. The different programs I've used over the last thirty years all like to do things differently. Please understand that with so many people, updating this will take awhile.

Please let me know if you connect to my lines. I welcome corrections and additions. However, please do not write asking for more information. What you see is what I have.

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My entire database

Family Group Sheets in GEDPAGE format
My whole tree in TNG format

My ancestry

Some Ancestors of Bob Juch (up to 32 generations)

Special trees

Some Descendants of Hendrick Roseboom NJ > Ohio Outline
Some Descendants of Hendrick Roseboom NJ > Ohio Register

Separate trees

Some Descendants of William Chamberlayne
Some Descendants of James Allison Evans
Some Descendants of Laurent Flournoy
Some Descendants of Jean de la Fontaine
Some Descendants of Alexander Henry
Some Ancestors of the Outlaw Jesse James
Some Descendants of the Family of Jesse James
Some Descendants of Albert Juch
Some Descendants of Benjamin Franklin Ledbetter
Some Ancestors of Anna Joaquina Ortiz
Some Descendants of William Perkins
Some Descendants of Robert Smith - Updated
Some Descendants of Christian S. Studer
Some Descendants of Dr. John Woodson
Some Descendants of Tryon Milton Yancey


Maps showing locations of all known cemeteries in Carroll Co., Missouri
Maps showing locations of all known cemeteries in Linn Co., Missouri


Will of John Perkins of Goochland Co. (1738-1805)


Queen Anne's Cottage at Rock Castle, Goochland Co., VA
Michaux, Powhatan Co. VA wide angle photo
Michaux, Powhatan Co. VA close-up of sign